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    Another GC TD.

    We had a slight mis-communication due to proton mail issues, which was no biggie. He always comes through. The service was “stand up” as usual.
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    Another effortless touch down. Everything looks g2g. Thanks fellas 👍💪🏻
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    TBOL killing me

    For some reason this is what Anavar does to me. I’m miserable on it. Came to the conclusion that it and my body just don’t get along with each other.
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    Yes, I’d also like to see some pics if you don’t mind.
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    Request a Product List Here

    List please
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    good deal, let me know how it goes for you the next few weeks 👍
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    This is great to know, if you don’t mind, let us know of the quality and results of their product! What did you end up getting and how do you plan on running it?
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    [Discussion] - Is pump a good indicator of an effective hypertrophic workout?

    I definitely think that the pump is super important, in many ways actually. For one thing, mentally, getting a great pump in the gym and seeing my veins throbbing makes me want to go harder and harder. Physically, it’s important to get a good pump for “inflating” the muscle, to cause that...
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    What is it about rice

    I actually don’t eat much rice, it bloats me. I eat a lot of oats thought, cooked in almond milk seasoned with a little almond butter and banana.
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    Just received a list very quickly from these guys. Anyone ever tried them on here?
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    Biggest Worry with Use..???

    I think my biggest worry would be the possibility of prostate problems or even cancer or something crazy like that. I don’t run super high doses anymore because of this to be honest. When it comes to test, 300 mgs a week is as high as I go. The older I get the less side effects I want to deal...
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    Are you the biggest guy in your gym?

    Definitely not the biggest, but being a total mass monster has never been a priority for me. There are several guys way bigger than me but not even close to me when it comes to aesthetics. I maintain a lean hard physique and that’s what’s important to me. I learned a long time ago, if you...
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    Post music that’s yor feeling.

    Killswitch Engage “Let The Bridges Burn”
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    Delta 8 thc

    You can actually get delta 9 gummies in gas stations down here in the south where real cannabis is illegal. It’s a grey area currently, talks of outlawing it are already underway. But yes, it’s definitely a thing and yes, it feels like real thc. Not sure if it’s the same as thc from flower...
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    Prop (test or mast) ED or EOD

    Definitely nothing wrong with either but definitely no benefit lost by eod injections. Guess it depends how much you wanna dose in a week and how much you have. Personally, eod is sufficient and also allows pinning sights to recover before another pin.