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  • curious if you were in steroid encyclopaedia or outlaw years ago? i know there was a basskiller in one of them
    Hey, I know your huge in the community and I apologize if I'm breaking any forum rules by messaging you as a new member but I have a few questions and I'm positive that your the one I need answers from. If you could help me out please let me know. Thanks
    Hey bro had a question for you I had bought some deca & cypionate just curious if you have ever heard of the manufacturer H&H pharmasuticles
    Basically im at a stand still as far as gaining mass while trying to remain lean. I've been doing my own research and have ordered from napsgear but the quality of the gear made me doubt I got anything from it at all. Im basically looking for a quality source and the right stack for my needs. So far I've been looking into Trenbolone with Test-E. I also checked out GenShi. Any advice to point me in the right direction in appreciatd.
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