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  • Hi,
    Hoping maybe you can help me out here. This is my first order. I have tried contacting the website contact page 3 times and have not received any response. I received only (1) package of (2) of my order. Both were sent at the same time. I filed a missing mail claim with the post office and it is lost. All of this is traceable with the tracking number LT926245889NL.

    Any suggestions?

    I made a purchase from you about a year and a half ago and got some Pharmacom HGH. It is still in powder form and has sat at room temperature for the year and a half. Will it still have enough potency to run it? Does hgh need to be refrigerated even while in powder form? Or is this a myth?

    Also, I’m looking at running 2IU’s daily consistently year-round. I’ve heard that Chinese manufactures tend to have more heavy metals in their products and that the hgh molecule structure may not be correct, not as reliable as U.S. made pharmaceutical grade. Do you have lab results for testing heavy metals and molecule structure?

    I’m looking for a brand of hgh that is reliable and that I can count on to be safe for long-term use. If I can’t find that then I’ll look into hgh manufactured in the U.S. Thank you.
    Hey man,

    Curious about how long shipping takes from EU warehouse? I am seeing a bunch of statements that it takes up to 7 days to clear your customs then 5 to 7 days to reach its destination. But I am starting to get a little frustrated. I have always ordered from China warehouse and had shipments at my door in 10 days or less. My first order at new EU warehouse is going on about a month and still no package. It has completely messed up my cycle. In fact my package is still sitting on the other side of the US. It sat in New York for 5 days then went to Stamford Conn and has been sitting there now for awhile. I live on the West Coast so it still has a long ways to go. Should I be expecting 30 plus day deliveries?
    Was wondering what to do, your int website won’t let me log in and now my order will never be complete and payment was made already
    Hey man someone on here told me to check your store out. Looking for good orals which seem very hard to come by. He said u have good dbol. If you don't mind shoot me a pm back with a price list.

    Was wondering how I get into contact with you . It's been over a month since its been shipped and still no package. Starting to really worry.
    Hey bro, I placed an order and was just wondering how I can contact you to ask any questions about my order or when I'll know when order will be shipped. I looked on your website and there is no "contact us" option as I also tried responding to your first email sent explaining how to send money but it wouldn't let me, can you email me your contact info please
    Hey i have placed 4 orders and all has been great. However my last order i never received any of the orals, only injectables were shipped. Can you measage me or email so i can find out when the orals will arrive
    Hey man, I have a few questions. Could you pm ne?

    I havnt used an online source in quite some time, but I'm thinking about placing a pretty bulk order through you guys. Is there any first time and/or bulk discounts? I see the 10% off for bit coins and 10% off + free shipping for 1000$+. I'd probably go that route. Do you have an email or way or communicating privately?
    Hey Bro. I am having troubles confirming my order on domestic 1 site. I have added money already. But it saids error when I try t confirm. Can you help me with this or send me someone I can contact.

    Hey brother is there anyway I could email and ask you a question? I'm wanting to place a order but have a question. Thanks!
    Hey this is the us domestic store correct? Also which are the prices, the ones on the site or the one in the subforum thread sticky?
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