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    bad acid reflux on Dbol

    Yeah. I don't see the point in splitting the doses.
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    bad acid reflux on Dbol

    Why the split instead of using it preworkout? And I have bad gerd too but anadrol doesn't mess with it much.
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    Feeling Tren

    The only bad thing about ppis is that is severely reduces stomache acid. Gerd is due to low acid in the stomache rather than excess. And u need that acid to help with digestion. Apple cider vinegar is a much better cure but takes some time to work.
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    Feeling Tren

    When I start feeling the acid in the back of my throat I know the tren is really kicking in. That an the insane way my body processes food. Literally turns everything into fuel and burns it.
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    Protein powders

    Anyone remember that study that came out a few years ago that basically showed the majority protein powders on the market were fraud and contained barely any protein? Lol I think Golds was the only one to actually have the correct amount in it
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    Testosterone Enathate

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    Bloods came back !!

    Make sure watch them!!
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    Lab results LMC Test C

    Very interesting
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    Youtube bodybuilders..

    A joke lol
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    Thinning Hair with my wife, any help?

    Jesus. Why is she even. On lol
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    Bulking stack opinions without nandralone

    High test and low oral,?
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    Do You Love or Hate Tren?

    I love it. Only negative is I wanna kill everyone and it gives me terrible acid reflux