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    FARMA*TON TD Thread: 100% DELIVERED!

    so there is hope!! All I want with Tren.. I try to do 5 weeks now .. and then grateful for that if nothing crazy happened over no reason..
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    FARMA*TON TD Thread: 100% DELIVERED!

    Amen to that!! How we react..
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    FARMA*TON TD Thread: 100% DELIVERED!

    I will try the parabolan I am sure. think I saw it. the trenplex has been easy. nice little cough. perfect!!
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    FARMA*TON TD Thread: 100% DELIVERED!

    Its great. smooth, just about take a break, starting the Primo, and that is smooth also. Let you know results in 6 weeks or longer. but the TREN. has me solids ever! so far no stupid temper issues as I get with TREN..
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    Customer Service Review

    First order, had an issue maybe week out, but that is nothing for some. You guys treated it with so much respect and took care of me big time. The " extra's came same time as order! THanks again big time. Looking fwd to many more orders THis service and product is what makes our community great!!
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    FARMA*TON TD Thread: 100% DELIVERED!

    Order had a little issue, but it was handled with so much respect and great communication. its no wonder Farma*ton is gaining big time. . Cannot handle the situation any better, no way. and that is 20 years speaking. I am so appreciative and also have to say I love the product, TREN A. PRIMO...
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    Cycles or Cruise

    59 and been doing for 20 years. Never did the " gram" of test, maybe 750 per week, with EQ, primo, or tren ( I never finish cycles on tren, lose my temper and don't even realize it) .. I never really come off except for maybe 4-6 weeks, to see where my test is at. or I want a script think its...
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    welcome! glad to see you know to do your research.. Never can laern too much before you start>>>
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    Introduction to the land.

    welcome to ASF.. glad to have you.. was that A.com ? those were some starting days.
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    New guy

    welcome to ASAF..impressed with the homebrew..NIce work!
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    Hi guys!

    welcome aboard...you are in the right place!
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    What PED have you tried in the past and said “never again!”?

    TREN..when I say I keep doing it despite the risk, I have scaled back for sure. Just being honest when I say I will probably try one more cycle. ITs amazing though how tough it is to keep remembering you are on it, when you get upset. I am sure I have messed up some relationships, and not just...
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    Loving this experimental "old guy"cycle

    Great Stuff and much appreciated for the stories and what works. I don't feel so old with this forum.. MIght have to try smll dose deca, as my joints are what keeps me from doing many things now.. Much Respect everyone!
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    What PED have you tried in the past and said “never again!”?

    TREN.. messes me up mentally but I keep doing it. did not realize how much it distorted everything. can get you into some serious bad reactions to stuff that means nothing. I am sure I think I will be able to handle it and try parabolan for 6 weeks, cause when it feels good physically and you...
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    Torn bicep and other tendon issues

    BP hope you came out good on the second tendon