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    Good info! I didn’t know anything about it and it was on the radar to try after researching. I’ll avoid the high risk it seems to have towards bad anxiety. Too many other good options. Thank for post.
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    New USA (worldwide)generic hgh, long acting insulin , and permanent Pens

    Same issues with 2nd Amendment topics. Thanks to you and others here we can make decisions in our own best interests. So thx big homie!
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    Big name brands but...

    Wise decision GYMnTONIC. And thank you!
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    Help with labs

    I want to start running consistent labs but don’t know where to start. Is there a easy process for a cash payor to order labs (online doctor for example) and get done at spots like Quest Diagnostics etc? Also what do I test for? Any help is greatly appreciated!
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    Monster Labs

    I was unsure my first go round a few months ago but my experience was positive all around
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    Hope to hear good news from J
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    Very interesting post. Thank you!
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    New to hgh question

    Thank you for the advice! Simple enough
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    New to hgh question

    Should I keep in the freezer or fridge after mixing?
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    NEW STEROID MARKET INFO. Read [emoji3593][emoji3593]

    Very interesting and helpful info. Thank you!
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    Blood Test Results

    Is it cool to ask who your favorite sponsor is?
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    New to hgh question

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    New to hgh question

    I went ahead and grabbed some MonsterLabs. Haven't started yet. I am currently stacking the following: dbol Test Sus Deca What's the word on amount & frequency while ON and OFF cycle? I've contemplating HGH for a long time and want to kick it off. What I got does seem to be pharm grade but...
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    What should i test for 1st time doing bloodwork?

    I've never really done bloodwork other than what my PCP would order for checkups. Now that Gear is going to be a part of of life moving forward in some pretty much at all times, what would be a good comprehensive test for Gear purposes and overall health? What would you guys suggest?