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    No isolated virus sample, EVER

    When my MIL was in a vegetative state, the nurse (wearing a full hazmat suit) was kind enough to video chat with the fam before they pulled the plug. Well the room was full of other people dying of covid. I know so many people who have lost loved ones from covid it's crazy. One guy I know is...
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    No isolated virus sample, EVER

    Interesting, it's all just a hoax. If that's the case, what do you think it was that my mother in law died of last year, that gave suddenly gave her breathing difficulties and required her to remain on a ventilator for two weeks before it inexplicably killer her? She never had asthma or any...
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    Would you be pissed?

    I think that is a very shady thing for her to do if you were dating exclusively for a couple years. What was it about your cousin that drove her wild enough to cheat on you? (more handsome, taller, better physique, bigger dick, smoother talker, more money? etc) Is she just slutty by nature and...
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    Dihydroboldenone/1-Test Cyp Revisited!!

    That's how I plan to do my future cycles/cruises, minus any form of nandrolone...
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    Anadrol is the Sh*t

    Try running it with some MK.
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    Getting vaccine on cycle.

    I was on Tren, EQ and Test when I got mine and I had no issues.
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    Sex Drive plummeted in Week 6 w Test E???

    It's not crazy at all bro, it's actually very common for a guy to have high E2 induced ED. Sure as a teen your erections are unstoppable but 20 years later we respond totally different and unfortunately become more estrogen sensitive. ED during PCT occurs due to low testosterone combine with...
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    Sex Drive plummeted in Week 6 w Test E???

    Week 6 is right around when blood levels of testosterone are maximizing so it’s very likely E2 is peaking as well causing unwanted effects. Either lower the dose or start a low dose AI regimen. 12.5mg of aromasin 2-3x/wk never hurt anyone, some guys on trt use that amount.
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    No problem brother. I think it’s good that you cruise for longer than most people. A little primo or mast probably isn’t very toxic but i just figure why not come off everything (besides test),for a month to give body and receptors a break before adding in mast or primo. I find that it takes...
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    Would you hit it?

    hell yeah bro, can’t wait! Lol
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    If you can find a good sports doctor they’re usually knowledgeable about AAS use. Or if you can afford a concierge testosteronologist like Dr. O’connor you are in very good hands. Unless you have professional medical training it would be a crapshoot to try to do it on your own imo, but certainly...
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    Do PCT and lose all gains!

    Guys he’s just voicing his views let’s not get upset. People keep saying amateur but isn’t Monstro an Ifbb pro? He’s giving advice from his perspective. Some of us don’t mind the rollercoaster. I personally cruise on test between cycles because I don’t like feeling like crap.
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    Best for mass and low mental sides?

    Same here on both points. Anxiety and mood disturbances are common with EQ. Although EQ doesn’t cause depression or erectile dysfunction like deca can. But EQ is probably worse for long term health due to high bp and kidney strain. Deca actually reduces anxiety.
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    True, the only truly “safe” cruise is a doctor monitored TRT dose, which an honest TRT dose is around 100-150mg with a goal of 700-800ng test level with cholesterol and blood pressure in range. I never go that low but i should…
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    I guess it’s fine if your health markers check out, but why not just run 200-250 test for 4 weeks just to get all the other compounds out for a while? Will you lose strength or aesthetics? Just curious because my whole life is a mini cycle lol, but i try to do 4-5 weeks on TRT every few months.