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    Is this considered TRT/ Cruise Dose?

    GymNTonic no worries brother. Lesson learned whether you know it or not I highly respect you. I started implementing different workouts on account of your YouTube videos lol.
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    Is this considered TRT/ Cruise Dose?

    Lol. Dammit boy. I know I had it coming after I posted it. I should've been more clear. That's why I'm throwing it out there. Anybody reading my before posts forgive me for my bad information. I was incorrect on calling this trt. I knew damn good and well it wasn't. GymNTonic/Wes...
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    Is this considered TRT/ Cruise Dose?

    Yes sir. I'm running three weekly injections. With the dosage split up evenly. I determined that was the best route for consistency. Based on a bunch of internet research and ebooks. I'm not a professional by no means.
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    Is this considered TRT/ Cruise Dose?

    Honestly the var is to just to get a little harder leaner muscle definition. I ran the NPP because it's what I've got. Yes, it's for the joints. I'd prefer the Deca. However, I'd have to make an order. I don't want this to just sit though.
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    Is this considered TRT/ Cruise Dose?

    TRT/ Cruise DOSAGE 175 mg/wk Test E - 12 Weeks 100 mg/wk NPP - 12 Weeks 50mg/day Anavar - 6 Weeks- Discontinued for Duration All of the above lengths are based on good blood levels. I do plan on blasting after the above trt/ cruise. As long as bloods are good.
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    British Dragon available locally from RoidShop.to

    Good read. Thanks Big Murph
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    First TD with Ace. Good customer service and professional looking products. Big Shout Out To Bones and keeping it 100.
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    20 Tips to Mass Gains

    Nice thread. I haven't watched the macros or nutrient intake as much as I should. I've been bulking = smashing the weights heavy and just trying to take in as much food as possible. I'll give it a go though. Solid info.
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    WADA Anti-Doping Expert Caught Using Anabolic Steroids

    It just goes to show. It's usually the ones that are preaching it the loudest. Look back at the Reagan Administration. Ronald Reagan the spokesperson for anti-drug propaganda. Said we've got a drug problem in America. Lol...Was using the CIA to help smuggle Cocaine. To pay for a drug war. To...
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    What is Good site for syringes with fast delivery

    Max, For sure brother. I'll check them out my next round. I don't want to trash 200 pins. Even though it's highly tempting.
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    What is Good site for syringes with fast delivery

    Stephen, I agree wholeheartedly about the quick ta rate and cheap. They're there in 2 days from order sometimes next day. However, I'm wondering if anyone else is getting the same issues with blunt pins? Like 1-2 out of 5 seem to be dull or something. They don't go in bro. Like...
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    Gyno Question For The Experts

    Vision, Thanks for the info, personal experience and your input. I definitely learned a new thing in this experiment called My Life. Lol.. Just making light of the situation....I definitely know what you mean though.... Regardless of trying to give myself a Breast Implant.
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    New member.

    Welcome to asf.
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    Welcome to the forum.