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  1. bwhahahahhahahah
  2. Message I sent to someone here earlier when you were on

    LOL, Twisted is a weak ass bitch- No muscle, he is a soft cunt 5'10 214- He is a PROVEN RAT and a scammer
  3. Update on the dumbest motherfucker in any room and ASFs resident proven scammer and RAT.
    There are several people that have proof of Twisted being a RAT and a scammer. One in particular I have talked with that Twisted believes is his friend. The thing is, this guy has the same proof that I have on Twisted and he is far from Twisted's friend.
    Twisted is so ignorant and has fucked over many people including some OGs.
    I wont divulge the proof but I bet if you PM some OGs on this forum and a few others, they may just give you the proof I speak of.
    You are a RAT Twisted, many people know and hopefully you reap it soon.

    Again, this is a warning to all. Stay far away from Twisted, he is a proven RAT and scammer. He has Ratted and scammed many and he will do the same to you at least until he is dealt with.
  4. Never forget you started this you uneducated ignorant proven scumbag RAT. You are the one that keeps responding and annoying others just as much as me. YOU messed with the wrong guy. Like I said before, you are in no position to pick fights with anyone especially considering you are always the dumbest motherfucker in any room. Not only that but you are also weak physically. You couldn't punch your way out of a wet paper bag.
    All you are is a bitch with a chip on your shoulder because you are uneducated, ignorant, weak and a failure in life that wants to blame everyone but yourself for your failures. You are pathetic.
  5. A couple of messages sent to members here and on other boards...bwhaahhah

    FYIxxxxx, you were right about there being drama. I would call harboring a proven RAT and scammer in Twisted an issue. Admin doesn't see it that way as he is a RAT himself. Most here already know he rolled on his crew and took a plea deal.

    FYI, stay away from Twisted, he is a proven RAT and a scammer and this is known now on many boards and by numerous OGs. So many ways to tell everyone, bwhahahhahaha
  6. Reap it you fucking Twisted RAT. Everyone is going to know. More and more know every day. Looks like you may need to go to GTO or a completely different handle. Bwhahahahahha
  7. Just curious- some of them 10 years you were off before you got serious again and used steroids again to obtain your massive 5'10, 214-pound frame, did that have anything to do with you getting popped?
    Oh wait, nevermind, I know you got popped. Who did you rat on back then again? Who are you ratting on now? Bwhahahahahhahah
    Pathetic weak bitch, bwhahahahha. You don’t use steroids to be 5’10 and 214 you mentally and physically weak bitch. I think everything you have taken was bunk. Bwhahahahahah
    Does it bother you not knowing who on your MS board came to me and verified I was spot on about you being a RAT with strikingly similar proof? Shows what a scumbag you are and how misled you are to think that some people you fucked over are friends. You will see otherwise in time.
  8. Thank you for responding to an old post of mine on Meso. Who is obsessed? Please, please post more on Meso, I own you there too and I will completely expose your ignorance.
    Oh hey RAT, you mad cuz a member of your own board came to me and also knows you are currently cooperating? You fucked with the wrong guy period. You are a proven RAT and always the dumbest motherfucker in any room.
    Remember you dumb RAT Twisted you picked a fight with me over politics. I didnt even know or care that you were a RAT at the time but now that I know you are I will let everyone know what a scumbag you are.
    And getting banned from BOP and ASF is a badge of honor. Two shit boards. ASF is barely a cunt hair better than BOP.
    One more thing you dumb motherfucker, your comprehension skills are horrific. Look again at my post, I didnt say you are Apollo. My god you are ignorant. I did ruin your party though. You were about to rep them but I exposed you.
  9. You know, being that you have been exposed now as a PROVEN RAT and you are FUCKED, I think your best option is suicide. Let's be honest, we both know you have contemplated suicide before being that you are uneducated, ignorant, weak, a coward, a complete failure in life and a scumbag.
    I say this is the perfect time to do it as it gives you the chance to avoid the PAIN that you have inevitably brought upon yourself by being a RAT and a scammer.
    Again, let's be honest, we know you have nothing really to live for, so do it, get a shotgun, stick it in your mouth and pull the trigger. EZ Peezy. I fear that if you don't, you will seriously wish you had.
    Make the right choice you PROVEN RAT coward failure. I know you can do it. Bahahahahhahahah
  10. Correct IronRage, that is where Twisted picked a fight with the wrong guy and started his situation. I didn’t know or care that he is a proven RAT at the time but now I am glad to expose him for the scumbag piece of shit uneducated idiot that he is.
    You know he has his own board with no traffic and almost exclusively posts here. I wonder why that is? Wait I know, he has one ‘friend’ on his own board that came to me and also knows he is a RAT. That is hilarious.
    I said it before and Ill say it again. Stay far away from Twisted, he is a proven RAT and is currently cooperating as I type this.
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