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    The Wfey needs some help

    I agree with the ⬆️. My wife went with elevatedmd. Once she found the protocol that worked well, she found a somewhat local women’s hormone doctor. Everything is out of pocket. Find a place that puts the patient before outdated practices set by the insurance companies. Edit: There could also be...
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    Retard World Cup-Mexico vs. USA

    That makes about as much sense as the Covid mandates we had here.
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    Axe Control Laws

    Crazy! That was an impressive reaction time to recognize the threat and respond.
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    Anvar only cycle ?

    I do not believe it would be a wise choice. The anavar will shut down your natural testosterone production. It would make more since to run the test, and toss the anavar in for the last few weeks. I would also run the test for longer than eight weeks. Good luck to you!
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    Random post giveaway from PharmaPCT

    @dale.c How long have you been putting in floors? Your work is spectacular.
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    Not sure what to think

    I am unfamiliar with Natco Pharma, but Anavar is commonly faked with Dbol. I wouldn’t trust it. There are several sponsors here that back up their products with lab tests. Where did you obtain the gear?
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    Bible Thread

    I encourage you to look into biblical hermeneutics. You will learn concepts which you can apply to interpret God’s word. https://www.ligonier.org/posts/practical-principles-biblical-interpretation https://seminary.grace.edu/what-is-biblical-hermeneutics/ I will be happy to find more...
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    Getting the Snip

    I had it done about 6 years ago. It only took a few days to recover from. Make sure to buy some frozen peas!
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    Trans Movement

    I know this isn’t the Bible thread, but Romans 1 explains it all. Any parent that takes their child to that spectacle is a fool.
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    Congratulations on winning the contest. I ran 400 test/400 primo and felt great. I had a noticeable fullness to my muscles. This time I plan on adding 25mg of var for the last few weeks.
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    Offsetting costs of food

    Food prices are ridiculous right now. I’ve been purchasing meat in bulk.
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    GearPros June “Guess her weight game”.