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  1. Ok I will. So ready for td
  2. Oh ok I see where it says that u r a board reb. Cool. It's nice to have help from the real deal and not just members. Ok so I'll just wait for BigTime's response.
  3. Thank u so much. That's awesome of u. I'm just anxious as hell. plus I'm sure I'm not the only person that's concerned about sending hard earned money through money gram to someone we don't know. Cause when u do the money is gone. I had to send mine to Davis Gross in Washington. Does that sound right or did I get intercepted by a scam artist?
  4. Thanks. I just recently sent my payment info through the contact us site. No just waiting on a confirmation. Do u think that will get me somewhere.
  5. Hey shellsfit. I'm new to this site and anxious to get started on my first cycle. I'm just wondering if I made the order correct.
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