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12-01-2020, 12:11 AM
***For order and list, please email me***
When placing order, please tell me:
-Your country
-Exact products items you need

***PurePowdersDirect now is able to supply***
USA Domestic Delivery Raws, Finished Oils, Oral Tabs, HGH, HCG and some other products(For USA customers)
International shipping Raws, Finished Oils, Oral Tabs, all kinds of Peptides, SARMS(For USA, Europe, and most of other regions)

***If you are a gear lab owner or resellers, we can offer you***
Lowest Bulk Price
Custom Oils, Custom Orals according to your need

***Country and Region We Ship To***
USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and most of the countries in the world
Domestic delivery available in USA

***Payment Method We Accept***
Western Union, Bitcoin, Wire Transfer, Venmo