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  1. welcome
  2. Website tech issues being resolved !
  3. Looking very solid!!
  4. New additions at puritysourcelabs.com
  5. Review for Purity labs test prop. Re-Posted upon purity's request.
  6. puritysourcelabs.com - OMNAS and Test PROLONGATUM SPECIAL !!
  7. Pulled the trigger
  8. PSL site contest review/log
  9. PSL contest time!
  10. puritysourcelabs.com glides fast now - ALL's fixed.
  11. HGH is back in offer !
  12. Using Mobile Phones
  13. no t3? dub tee ef
  14. site issue?
  15. Deleted
  16. PSL Contest Winnings
  17. Full Int. Line of EP is now here at P.S.L.!!!
  18. amps
  19. 14 days restock domestic section break.
  21. arimadex purity solutions
  22. PSL has 100% legit OMNADREN250! Just got my order in, here are photos box and all->
  23. through a slin pin
  24. EP Gear Porn
  25. New Tasty SPECIAL OFFER from PSL.
  26. no complaints here
  27. Contest winnings touch down
  28. Just ordered from you Guys, cant wait for my package!!!
  29. EP Gear Porn
  30. Order
  31. Ordered again
  32. HMG/HCG touchdown
  33. Exemestane reviews?
  34. still not working
  35. another touch down
  36. Anyone use their hcg?
  37. Happy TD day
  38. another TD
  39. New additions at puritysourcelabs.com
  40. Genesis td!
  41. TOUCH DOWN! Testoviron depot and Galenika PHOTOS! 2 types of Testoviron! awesome!
  42. Psl
  43. PSL Aromasin review
  44. any reviews on there hgh?
  45. Great T/A
  46. omadren touchdown
  47. Dehydration
  48. I got a fever...
  49. Gear Porn
  50. TD!!! Testoviron Depot Bayer First PSL Order!
  52. First time td !!!!!!!!!!!
  53. Took the jump... hoping for the best
  54. best way to open amps
  55. Td for ai's and hcg
  56. Another PSL TD
  57. syringe filter when using amps
  58. thought I had last night
  59. pretty quick td
  60. does psl do international shipping?
  61. Turinabol Facts
  62. Opened to your special offers suggestions & needs - at PSL.
  63. tren a reviews or feedback
  64. Almost back to back
  65. New P.S.L. Rep here ZOLTRON! :-D
  66. Trying it out
  67. touchdown for me
  68. Testoviron Depot - 250mg/ml 1ml/amp PG
  69. blood work results on the bayer testoviron
  70. New OMNA batch in- Stock up at PSL !!
  71. Bacteriostatic Water ADDED to Offer !!
  72. Omna TD!!
  73. What's up to PSL
  74. Putting the PSL brand to the TEST!
  75. PSL's 2+1 SPECIAL !!
  76. PSL Touchdown
  77. TD!
  78. PSL's - EP Line Crystal Clear|Pro. Carrier Oils Clarification
  79. PSL delivers
  80. So I wandered back over here and figured
  81. PSL awesome source!!
  82. Second TD
  83. Halloween Wishes and Treats (4Days Offer)...
  84. PSL Very Awesome
  85. PSL Awesome!!
  86. most recent score
  88. Great news! domestic is reopened
  89. Go pickup package?
  90. TD w/thanks
  91. stepped down
  92. Special GENOTROPIN Offer Added !
  93. Little Special Dom. deal.
  94. PSL anyone run their anadrol?
  95. Happy Christmas - Happy 2+1 SPECIAL !!
  96. No mistake just bonus
  97. EP Line from europe?
  98. New EP Line Products added to Offer !!
  99. 5 Days Auction by PSL !
  100. Just wanted to introduce myself
  101. Spring cutting
  102. What's everyone need
  103. Strongest oral to hit the market is back!!
  104. Anyone try PSL Genotropin 36IU- Pfizer?
  105. << Official P.S.L. Representative GOTGrowth! >>
  106. P.S.L. Steroid Discussion Analysis Survey !
  107. PSL Test E different colors (Euro Pharmacies)
  108. Clen Tabs (domestic)??
  109. Whats the MOST you have gained on cycle?
  110. P.S.L. is proud to announce CANADIAN DOMESTIC DELIVERY!
  111. New & Cool !!! DOMESTIC !!! SPECIAL Still UP.
  112. Whose on cycle with EP products? How are you doing. ;)
  113. minimum order?
  114. 2 + 1 Special EP products
  115. wtf !!!!!!!!!
  116. M-1T For packing on the summer pounds quick!
  117. Your FAVORITE PRODUCT we carry?
  118. any specials sales coming up?
  119. Whose PUMPED ON PSL this SUMMER!
  120. PSL HMG Legit
  121. ep aromasin
  122. Pharmacy Grade Genotropin HGH from P.S.L.!
  123. First order placed and paid
  124. Q/A Time! Question: How serious are joint issues when estrogen is low?
  125. Turn around time
  126. Genotropin log sponsored by PSL
  127. Road To The Arnold Classic
  128. Awsome domestic sale from p.s.l.
  129. Genotropin blood test results !
  130. Special Bulk offers
  131. P.S.L. Sterile injection water
  132. Site Down?
  133. UK Service from P.S.L.
  134. Genotropin RESTOCKED!
  135. new girl unsponsored log
  136. P.S.L. website down for maintenance.
  137. 1st Order
  138. E.P. Log (P.S.L. sponsored) LBB
  139. P.S.L. Announcement: CONTEST THIS WEEK!
  140. P.S.L. Purity Source Labs Picture CONTEST!
  141. PSL's Summer End Special
  142. Quality, and how it correlates with consistency. Aka... (would you inject this?)
  143. P.S.L. Offshore site and webmail!
  144. Purity Source Labs Picture Contest Winners!
  145. Genotropin HGH Back in stock!
  146. NEW! (P.S.L.) Euro-Pharmacies Testosterone Suspension
  147. Website maintenance!
  148. My first time with PSL
  149. LOW/HIGH Test? Normal cycles, Tips, Advice
  150. HGH Likes Dislikes. How'd it work for you?
  151. Little PSL Trailer ...
  152. Lets talk....Carbohydrates
  153. P.S.L. Euro Pharmacies Halotestin reviews
  154. Sale! Sale! Sale! Sale! Sale! Sale! Sale! Sale!
  155. PSL Question on order
  156. New Blue Top HGH
  157. EP Sustanon 500
  158. P.S.L. Web Site Maintenance
  159. ( PSL ) EP Test 400
  160. ( PSL ) EP Test/Tren 400
  161. Genotropin needs to go QUICK
  162. EP Tren/Var Combo
  163. ( PSL) Super Cuts Cycle
  164. Another P.S.L. Special for YOU!
  165. Purity Source Labs COMBOS & STACKS!
  166. ( PSL ) 12 Weeks Shredder Cycle+HCG ! Fat loss, Muscle Gain, Testosterone,hcg
  167. Safe-mail Announcement
  168. Shipping without a problem!
  169. SALE EXTENDED (Until End of November!)
  170. We only carry Euro Pharmacies products with a DEC 2016 EXP DATE!
  171. EP Test Prop/Tren Ace BLEND ONLY
  172. NEW Euro Pharmacies Products!
  173. Testosterone Undecanoate 500
  174. www.BodyBuildingExpertise.com
  175. **Looking for LOGGERS!** (PURITYSOURCELABS)
  176. 5th Order with PSL
  177. New Purity Source Labs (PSL) Representative here!
  179. (PuritySourceLabs) HCG Human Chorionic Gonadotropin NO PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED
  180. These guys are a Solid source and
  181. Shipping during the Holidays and avoiding shipping problems
  182. Blue tops?
  183. Heads up! Fake EP Products appeared.
  184. Massive psl touchdown =)
  185. Sale! Sale! Sale!
  186. Knock Knock, Who's there? PSL!!!
  187. Euro Pharmacies OXANDROLONE Anavar- 10mg
  188. PSL - Test, Npp, Mast, Var
  189. Bodybuildingexpertise|Bloodwork accuracy tips. Why?
  190. THE LUMBER JACK!!! (PuritySourceLabs) CYCLE PACKAGE
  191. PSL oxandrolone (anavar) AND drostanolone prop (masteron) LABMAX TEST RESULTS GTG!
  192. waiting for my TD
  193. waiting for TD! ')
  194. Curious what you guys are running PSL's ANADROLL at
  195. Gear Porn!
  196. I Cant wait to receive my gear from psl after what I've seen on here and other sites
  197. (PSL) - New option available
  199. KAMAGRA ORAL JELLY(Sildenafil citrate)
  200. Do not order blue tops from this source
  201. PSL test prop 525mg/week blood work! Almost 4000 TT!
  202. FAKE Euro Pharmacies SCAMMERS-ALERT!
  203. Regarding Payment for Blue Top HGH
  204. 10 vials Primobolan Depot SALE
  205. PSL ALPHA Pharma Amps PSL
  206. Holiday Shipping
  207. Purity source labs review
  208. USA DOMESTIC! 2-4 T/A ORAL STEROIDS - Euro Pharmacies
  210. Now in stock...Euro-Pharmacies VIAGRA and CIALIS blister packs!
  211. New PSL Head Rep - Jozifp103
  212. P.S.L. Representative - Repo
  213. Yet another PSL LABMAX THREAD! Masteron Enanthate = GTG
  214. Purity Source Labs 2 NEW PHARMA HGH BRANDS IN STOCK! Ansomone + Somatropin
  215. Purity Source Labs LETROZOLE
  216. Purity Source Labs FRIDAY SPECIAL! $25 10mL vials TESTOSTERONE BASE! 48hrs only!!!
  217. $60 EP Tri-Tren SPECIAL! Friday 5/29 48 hours only! *Purity Source Labs*
  218. Question from PURITY SOURCE LABS....Pharm Grade Insulin?
  219. Little PSL sample pack :) Including 2 new products!
  220. Purity Source Labs 48 hour SALE this FRIDAY 6/5! New GREY TOP HGH 100iu kits $150!!!
  221. PSL Gray top HGH blood work results
  222. Decided to give psl a try
  223. Friday 6/12 Purity Source Labs $30 Equipoise SPECIAL! 48 hours only!!!
  224. PSL viagra
  226. Announcing a new Unique product. TAD-600 (glutathione)!!!
  227. This Friday 6/19 PSL SPECIAL! PFIZER GENOTROPIN 36iu for $199!!! 48 hours only!
  229. Starting this Friday 6/26......TESTOSTERONE PROPIONATE 10mL Vials for $25
  230. My experience with PSL
  231. PURITY SOURCE LABS 4th of July Special. All orders 15% off!!!
  232. PSL T3 & Clen?
  233. New lower price on PSL PFIZER GENOTROPIN HGH! Plus new bulk deals on SOMATROPIN HGH!
  234. 2nd order
  236. Paypal option removed until further notice
  237. PSL New batch number, expiration date, and new STAMPED VIALS!
  238. Purity Source Labs ANSOMONE HGH BACK IN STOCK! Now at a lower price!
  239. PSL Ansomone HGH price dropped EVEN LOWER!
  240. 1st Order Placed!
  241. Website down?
  242. PSL Weekend Sale!!! 8/15 - 8/16
  243. PSL Payment policy. PLEASE READ
  244. Want to get 10% off any international order? HERE'S HOW!
  245. NEW PAYMENT OPTION for Purity Source Labs :)
  246. EP Test E, Bloods? Feedback
  247. PSL Detailed Log Coming Soon
  248. Jozifp? Where are you?
  249. Mid-Cycle bloodwork!!!!!! Check it out!
  250. Favorite Psl product
  251. MODELS & BOTTLES CONTEST! - Many prizes to win!
  252. Question for PSL Vets
  253. Feedback-PSL Glutatione Injections
  254. What's your bulk cycle looking like?
  255. PSL Anavar-Good reading for those who use oxandrolone regularly
  256. ★★ BITCOIN INCENTIVE SALE★★ SALE Special offer ends on Oct 7 at 6 am
  257. PSL Deca-Therapeutic Dose for Joints
  258. ★★How To Get Bitcoins★★ A beginners guide on where to buy your first bitcoins!
  259. "EP-PSL porn for ya"
  260. Vision has some unpleasant NEWS!
  261. FLASH sales for the rest of the MONTH!
  262. PSL Orals-Creative Use
  263. what products you want in the flash sale?
  264. Friday's OFFICIAL FLASH SALE is here!
  265. ❤❤ The Official P.S.L. "Gear Porn" Thread ❤❤
  266. For PSL TRT customers-Good Read
  267. Two awesome TDs and my experience with PSL so far.
  268. Gray Tops HGH (Bloods) and more
  269. HGH SALE "Blue Tops" $160 100iu
  270. PSL-Euro Pharmacies
  271. Minimum order for PSL?
  272. Huge News from Euro-Pharmacies
  273. Info on Liver Tests
  274. PSL Sponsored Log Marvel
  275. PSL Customer for more than a year
  276. PSL Flash Sale! 24 hours only! Testosterone Undecanoate 250mg/mL (EP) 50% off!
  277. All PM's will be answered
  278. The Big-Daddy "Sustanon 500"
  279. Homecoming of sorts
  280. Ep sust 250 review
  281. Ep tren e 200 review top notch
  282. Mrs mm EP ANAVAR review
  283. Mrs moutain womans honest review on ep primomdepot
  284. What does everyone think of super drol?
  285. 50% OFF SALE- on all "Euro-Pharmacies" Products!
  286. Bulk prices 50% off
  287. New EP HGH in the nest
  288. Purity Source Labs Review
  289. Couldn't pass this sale up
  290. Bitcoin & PSL my experience so far...
  291. PSL Teammates-TRT Protocols
  292. Eurotropin is officially launched and available
  293. Eurotropin HGH mixing (reconstitution) instruction (must read)
  294. M1T (Methyl-1-Testosterone) IN STOCK! (PSL)
  295. What’s a “Normal” Testosterone Level and How to Measure Your Test (How to get bloods)
  296. Enorm Pharma - USA (SALE)
  297. Androgen receptor down-regulation is simply not true! Studies included
  298. TRT and Winter Bulking Options
  299. Antidepressant Effects and Steroids
  300. Proviron or Masteron with Trenbolone (The benefits)
  301. Vision's Eurotropin Porn
  302. Sweet td
  303. Td (:
  304. GH,Dianabol and IGF1
  305. Models & bottles contest winner!
  306. Generic Blue Top GH with bloodwork to follow
  307. Testosterone Undecanoate - 250mg (Great cruise option/HRT)
  308. PSL Labwork-Good things around the corner!
  309. More Porn? Yes, please!
  310. Moar PSL!
  311. Current Cycle Log with PSL gear
  312. How to check your HGH and TESTOSTERONE serum levels
  313. How I felt on psl halo today
  314. 30% off Holiday sale
  315. Just a heads up!
  316. Happy thanksgiving and a joyous holiday season..
  317. LDog's TRT Enhancement Selections for December
  318. M & B Contest Partial TD!
  319. EP orals
  320. Juicy TD
  321. What do you want for Christmas????
  322. Guess what Vision wants for Christmas???
  323. International Line Winter Break
  324. M/b contest winnings with porn
  325. Tell us your blend wish or favorite blend and EP just may produce it!
  326. Boooooom!!!
  327. Domestic TNE
  328. Here it is (For 10 whole days) SALE!
  329. PSL Adex has stands up to abuse
  330. Eurotropin blood test results
  331. Ldog's Bloodwork and Closing Thoughts
  332. A word on a quality source (PSL)
  333. Last week was rough
  334. Euro pharmacies Proviron (25mg/tab):
  335. More Eurotropin HGH Blood Test Results
  336. My Christmas Wish...Well One Of Them!!!!
  337. Oh shit!
  338. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!
  339. Td porn!!!!
  340. In hospital
  341. TD and quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  342. All NEW unique VIP program!
  343. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  344. Merry christmas
  345. Major news (game changer of 2016)
  346. Product feedback (TNE and Viagra)
  347. The "official" PSL loyalty program
  348. Happy new year
  349. Another TD!!!
  350. First TD!!!
  351. BEST combo offer EVER! (see for yourself)
  352. AUCTION 200ius Eurotropin HGH
  353. Halo!!!
  354. IGF Results of 2IUs a day of Eurotropin HGH
  355. AUCTION Part II
  356. Great news!!! Psl!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  357. NEW AUCTION V-2 (Eurotropin)
  358. Pounder!!!
  359. Just some BLOOD WORK on PSL Test E :)
  360. Another TD from my Auction win!
  361. Just a heads up
  362. Lokthan's Cycle Log
  363. Lokthan's PSL Sponsored Log
  364. Visions back FULL TIME..
  365. Little Td
  366. Please welcome our NEWEST Rep!
  367. SPONSOR: IGF Results of 2IUs a day of Eurotropin HGH!!!!
  368. Congrats MrsRobinson (PSL's newest sponsored athlete)
  369. I will pay for your blood work on Eurotropin GH/ and other products!
  370. PROVIRON 25 - 25mg/tab EP (stock running low by popular demand)
  371. EuroPharmacies Carrier Oil "ENSURING EXCELLENCE" what’s inside matters most!
  372. Free gear!!!!!
  373. SALE! PSL Gray top HGH! $20 off per 100iu kit!
  374. "Subject testers"..... 2 FREE VIALS!
  375. Where's the feedback lately? NO LOVE?
  376. Another TD!
  377. Vision!
  379. Pulled the trigger!!!!
  380. How large or small or the EP Anadrol tabs?
  381. One of my best buds 1st ever TD
  382. Last chance!!! Till the 6th
  383. Some EP refreshments (Pics)
  384. Mrs. Robinsons PSL sponsored get ripped log !
  385. Screamin fast td
  386. Silly fast TD
  387. T.D. Pics and Review
  388. Coming off a blast and ready to cruise for a bit?
  389. Ugly TD pic, but still a TD.
  390. Wake up!
  391. Just another fast PSL TD
  392. PSL Gray Tops IGF-1 Numbers
  393. First order
  394. OMG!.... This was my first order... How could they just.........
  395. lightning fast td.
  396. feedback psl orals
  397. How do these look?
  398. domestic USA?
  399. Just some PSL treats. (PICS) :)
  400. First order... Trigger pulled.??!!
  401. Moneygram
  402. Sick... resting up
  403. PSL's BIGGEST NEWS TO DATE!!! Whole new category of products!!! Now carrying PEPTIDES
  404. Pulled the trigger
  405. Rested and alive..
  406. Uh huh, some EP GHRP-6 FOR THE SCORE!
  407. Jozifp?????
  408. Yet another PSL GRAY TOP HGH SPECIAL!
  409. Test Undec!
  410. PSL Sponsored Athlete!
  411. free gear!!!
  412. To Mast or not to Mast, that is the question?
  413. Because PSL has been phenomenal
  414. Oral/pill size (please read)
  415. Psl!!
  416. We are past due for some Porn :(
  417. Td from visions give away
  418. Td woooohooooo
  419. Psl
  420. Pack landed
  421. Increase potency of oral steroids
  422. TheShadow - PSL Sponsored Log
  423. Npp pip...
  424. Call me weird
  425. Bad day...Vision calling it a night
  426. DELAYS IN ORDERS (relax, just for a few days) ;) Easter!!!
  427. Psl log rebuilding the dog !
  428. First psl td.!!!!
  429. A new family member
  430. First TD!!!!
  431. Special treatment? Truth be said ( I had to do it PSL )
  432. TD
  433. Happy easter
  434. TD
  435. First Order
  436. PSA: Vision's Absence
  437. (PSL) Euro-Pharmacies Brand HCG - (Eurigil) - NOW AVAILABLE!
  438. any promos?
  439. Have to purchase over 150?
  440. What the F?!
  441. Healing Peptides, do they help? Lets find out!
  442. Vision is back!
  443. Psl (ep) product review
  444. TD!!
  445. Feedback on EP HGH
  447. Test E labs
  448. Any discounts or promos?
  449. Discount on Grey Top HGH and Proviron
  450. TD! Love this stuff!
  451. CONTEST! Win 2x GHRP2 and 5x Mod GRF-129 Euro Pharmacies Peptides!
  452. HGH order!! First ever!!
  453. It's raining ep gears with psl!!
  454. PSL Product Review
  455. 2 part TD
  456. Another fine TD from PSL!!
  457. Is PSL actually any good.??
  458. Happy mothers !day
  459. JRotten's PSL Log
  460. TD!! Again!!
  461. Best Fucking Dbol
  462. PSL/EP Peptides TD!
  464. Tren
  465. Macedog
  466. Vision
  467. Grey Top Review
  468. Contest td and nice surprise
  469. Contest TD ! 🏈
  470. Road to redemption
  471. PSL Sust 250
  472. PSL EP TREN ACE is kicking my ass!!
  473. Domestic Line
  474. What PSL products have you NOT tried yet that you are curious about?
  475. Bcaa' s , a better understanding / muscle sparing/ fatloss
  476. Another obviously sexy TD
  477. Eurotrophins off the charts
  478. Loggers needed..
  479. Enorm test cyp
  480. Growing Using The Basics
  481. What the *uck is in that oil.??
  482. Contest TD!
  483. PUSH'S PSL Bulk Cycle Log
  484. PSL Adex and cialis
  485. Big thanks to Macedog !!!!!
  486. Its motherfucking gametime. TD
  487. PSL Touchdown!
  488. How do you utilize Testosterone Base/Suspension/TNE?
  489. What was that you said? Another TD?
  490. PSL Experience
  491. Cialis and viagra
  492. Cialis and Viagra TD / Log
  493. Vision
  494. Eu eq...thanks mace
  495. Eurotropin HGH.... The real deal!!
  496. Pussy wrecking pills
  497. Vision is back.
  498. Cialis and Viagra log
  499. PSL Help needed
  500. Serms and ai's
  501. Another Glorious TD!
  502. EUROTROPHIN IGF score
  503. Touchdown
  504. TD!
  505. Boner TD
  506. Faster then most domestic
  507. Freight trains road to the masters nationals
  508. TREN....Different every time. Different every day.
  509. Email delays : look inside please
  510. Psl is looking for 3 testers
  511. PSL and other labs
  512. Oh what a sale it is!!
  513. PSL Sponsored (Female) Log
  514. PSL Belated Touchdown and tren anecdotes.
  515. Testosterone E StockPile!!!
  516. Genotropin sale you need to see this!
  517. PSL TD with gear porn.!!!
  518. Does Macedog live on the forum or something?
  519. MiSh's 600 Protocol
  520. Eurotropin bloodwork
  521. Psl needs 2 people to give a review.
  522. A few orals
  523. You Asked For It! EURO-PHARMACIES now has COLOR CODED ORALS!
  524. PSL Clen log
  525. How is everyone? (Waving hello)
  526. How one "ester" effects user differently (real science)
  527. Good morning!
  528. TD! Holy smokes!!!
  529. Night vision
  530. Calling out PSL
  531. Tell us your success story!
  532. Fozzie PSL T400 Review
  533. *NEW* Customized Nutrition/Training & VIP Coaching
  534. rsides t400 td and reviews
  535. All PM's will be answered
  536. PSL Clen Log
  537. Next Blast TD!
  538. Strange facts/peeves about YOU! Let's hear it..
  539. ** Announcement** stay tuned!
  540. 5 days ONLY (FLASH SALE)
  541. New week, NEW attitude
  542. The nectar of the Gods TD
  543. First order from PSL pics
  544. *NEW PRODUCT* Test subject needed (inquire within)
  545. EuroPharmacies does it again (NEW HGH PRODUCT)
  546. PSL EP VS. Great White Shark
  547. Asf competition
  548. FREE PCT give away! (Inquire within)
  549. Guest what? TD!!!!
  550. Testosterone undecanoate 250mg/ml or 500?
  551. What does the NEW Euro-Pharmacies duel chamber look like? (example)
  552. Just some gear porn... (Mid fall blast)
  553. Need a refresher.
  554. MiSH's Labs @ Protocol
  555. "Let's do this"!!!!!!
  556. New day, New Dog.
  557. a NEW td!!
  558. My first blast log
  559. Why Is It So Hard For Modern Man To Commit To Fitness?
  560. igf-1 feedback please
  561. Thank god TD!!
  562. TD
  563. New Labmax uv test kit, var results inside
  564. ♒"Auction"♒
  565. Off for the day...
  566. Game changer (super charge your brain) PICS!
  567. Burn22s PSL Bulk Log
  568. 5 x 50 Dbol (Auction)
  569. Coached By DarkBeast Log - PUSH
  570. PEPTIDE SALE (moving fast) 15% OFFwith
  571. Extra SUPERCHARGE your brain x 10 (CEMAKC)
  572. FREE GIVEAWAY! (our treat)
  573. New Member First Time Cycle
  574. Question About products/shipping
  575. Weekend plans?
  576. The "official" PSL loyalty program!
  577. Eurotropin
  578. My PSL PCT log.
  579. Mace Dog to the rescue!
  580. Eurotropin Dual Chamber Testing
  581. Shipping
  582. Customer feedback "We're listening to YOU"
  583. Order In!
  584. Winstrol AUCTION HERE
  585. Easy steps to success with reconstituting/mixing your EuroTropin/Geno cartridges
  586. You have 2 choices today!
  587. A generous TD
  588. Mail time.,The moment everyone dread .
  589. EP Domestic SALE 15% "WOW"!
  590. Psl igf lr3 auction touchdown
  591. BIG CONTEST TO COME! (Must have balls)
  592. rep contact me please
  593. Official psl "candid eye candy" contest!
  594. EuroPharmacies Domestic Sale - 15% Off!!!
  595. Anxiety/Depression
  596. PSL Touchdown
  597. PSL Aromasin.??? Is it bunk.??
  598. PSL's Tbol?
  599. Lil td
  600. Just a little sampler of some goodies :)
  601. Enorm pharma sale 15% off -usa
  602. An update from Vision
  603. MATH - Geno 36 iu
  604. Stanz auction winner
  605. Dual chamber bloods
  606. Cloudy
  607. Just a little PSL PORN and a shout out to big daddy Vision.!!!!
  609. Gratitude for our Reps
  610. Ordered Super Cuts Advanced Package & Some other Goodies
  611. Diet Question
  612. PSL - Log for Super Cuts Cycle
  613. Favorite Ways to Dose Growth Hormone
  614. Blue angels
  615. Geno labs
  616. Good things coming!
  617. Freebies or no Freebies?!?!
  618. Test subject needed (blitz cycle giveaway)
  620. Noopept and Semax are back in stock...
  621. You can ONLY pick 1
  622. Best bulking cycle thread
  623. Checking your HGH serum levels through blood work! (PLEASE READ)
  624. How we all feeling today?
  625. PSL High Dosed Injectables!
  626. Geno vials
  627. 3 power's but you can only pick 1...what and why? (Off topic)
  628. Wake up!!! Let's do this....
  629. PSL "sinister sale" 15% off Inter/Dom & HGH
  630. Eurotropin question
  631. How are you're cheating?
  632. Grilled's Blitz Cycle Review
  633. Getting down with the "Glute Camp"..Hip party come'n atcha! (Gear porn)
  634. Euro or Grey Tops
  635. "Let's see your Trenbolone stash"
  636. Sinister sale TD porn (show it off here)
  637. TD!!!
  638. Announcement "New CONTEST coming soon"
  639. TD
  640. TD!!
  641. To the entire Representative crew (Please read asap)
  642. BEST combo offer EVER! (see for yourself)
  643. Psl is looking for a volunteer to do a review
  644. Should we offer an oral to review?
  645. How to authenticate your product.
  646. Diet Critic - Looking for you guys to Judge and give Opinions on my Diet
  647. FREE lottery/coupon with DOMESTIC purchase
  648. TD
  649. Another TD! How can you pass up when HGH is on sale!
  650. Site maintenance!
  651. Best advice I can give ya!
  652. Puritysourcelabs.com domain temporary offline
  653. Your bulk?
  654. And...We're BACK (with a SALE TOO)
  655. Placed First Order
  656. A christmas list for santa ..(psl)
  657. Masterone E & A
  658. The new year is swiftly approaching
  659. TripleOt's sponsored EP tren ace run
  660. PSL website issue ...
  661. Bad Experiences with Eurotropin?
  662. Thanksgiving spread and the day after
  663. DECEMBER DOMESTIC OPEN (Inter closed until Jan 1st)
  664. Stocking Stuffer PORN (Jingle-Jugs) Tis the season to get solid!
  665. Representative WANTED (1 position) apply within
  666. new to this
  667. EP Test E - ChemClarity HPLC Test Results
  668. TD!
  669. How can someone keep up with the BBing lifestyle? (Your struggles and suggestions)
  670. What meal is most important in bodybuilding, and WHY? (Join the topic)
  671. Rise and shine you muffins!!
  672. Enorm pharma -usa (exclusively domestic)
  673. Mace is out for the day! technical issues with his device
  674. Official PSL team representative/sponsored athlete
  675. PSL Stocking stuffer sale (Look at our Tren-Tree) Domestic
  676. Thanks Tren, seriously (Now she won't talk to me)
  677. ProjectSwole- PSL Sponsored Log
  678. PSL TD and Gear Porn
  679. Part 2 - Topic of the week (CHANCE TO WIN) Join the topic!
  680. Health snacks/ food thread.
  681. First Enorm Pic/TD gets 10% off next order (porn porn porn)
  682. Calling all "Swoldiers".. Know your Row you yoked jokes!
  683. Suggestions , Fixes , Welcome for puritysourcelabs.com
  684. Part 3 - Topic of the week (CHANCE TO WIN 10% off Domestic) Join the topic!
  685. UP YOUR MASS cycle giveaway!!
  686. Newbie Order Question
  687. eurotropin bloodwork.
  688. Stepping down ( its not a bad thing and everything's good )
  689. Euro Porn!!
  690. GH Serum & IGF-1 Blood Test Results (EUROTROPIN HGH)
  691. I have no patience thread!!
  692. X-mas Short Break.
  693. How do you guys feel about old gear?
  694. Have a Smooth and Happy X-MAS & a Happy-Awsome New Year !!!
  695. sorry for my absence.
  696. Merry Christmas
  698. Masteron Enanthate (Euro-Pharmacies) Lab Test = PASSED!
  699. Gray Top HGH (Now with NEW availability in your neighborhood)
  700. PSL- Euro Pharmacies Anavar Review!
  701. New Year ~ NEW (VERY RARE) PRODUCT~ Euro-Pharmacies~ (COMING JAN. 2017) ! ! !
  702. Trestolone Acetate "MENT" (Lab result update 2021)
  703. Mk-2866 & Mk-677
  704. Grand Re-Opening of International Service 2017
  705. First Order with PSL - The Bloodwork Had Me Sold
  706. Comeback Kevin levrone
  707. Vision blast till spring! NEW PRODUCTS!
  708. Vision is feeling under the weather
  709. Got me some of the NEW Gray top HGH. (NEW LIGHTNING FAST SHIPPING) ;)
  710. Improved customer service! (Please read)
  711. PSL- Test Cypionate Results
  712. Europharma or enorm
  713. It's BACK! "TAD-600" (glutathione) A powerful antioxidant/ liver aid
  714. Topic-Of-The-Week (contest 10% off)
  715. When I get bored, I lab test my gear.....Here's EP Dbol :)
  716. Tell us your story about PSL,how did you find us, and why did you stay?
  717. Dom PSL
  718. DAILY FOOD LOG...Daily Goals VS Actual Nutritional Intake.
  719. Cycle for show cut
  720. Xmas bulk giveaway/NY transformation challenge
  721. Rep please
  722. Tren + Primo
  723. Sugar 9x more addicting than cocaine
  724. When was a time PSL went above and beyond for YOU?
  725. How can words express????!!!!!
  726. Eye Candy..Just a few samples!
  727. PSL/EP- orals -What You need to Know.
  728. Enorm pharm US domestic
  729. Euro-Pharmacies Orals.....Taste the Rainbow.
  731. Small but pretty
  732. EUROTROPIN Blood Work
  733. First time Ordering - Success!!
  734. Here's your stack you limp-dick (Come get it)
  735. Contacing PSL?
  736. Put the trunk back in your junk! (Viagra/Cialis sale)
  737. Primo Porn!
  738. Td!!!!!!
  739. Some Goodies Landed!
  740. EUROTROPIN Blood Work Round 2
  741. EP now available in your Neighborhood
  742. Little sum sum just landed
  743. That's it, i'm done
  744. Td so fast it will make your head spin!
  745. 2 cycle
  746. Do you prefer to give or receive oral.
  747. Help with bitcoin!!!!
  748. How was everyones weekend?
  749. Anither P S L TD!
  750. Wanted to apologize
  751. pharma caber!!
  752. Last chance for NEW client registration (CLOSING REGISTRATION) HURRY HURRY HURRY!!!
  753. PSL Mast Experiences
  754. Mast E,Bold, Var and Winny for the score!
  755. Any savy cable/internet techs avail? some questions
  756. Site unavailable?!?!?!?
  757. Keep calm, we'll be back!
  758. A glimmer of light (td)
  759. Clen and T3 pills
  760. Exciting news!!
  761. AI dose
  762. PSL now has a new domain (.ru) and no longer (.com)
  763. Sale 10% off - 5 days only
  764. Your trusted PSL rep is BACK!
  765. Euro-Pharmacies M1T (Methyl-1-Testosterone) live up to the hype?
  766. - Gear Wars -
  767. If you have any questions.
  768. Back to the basics! Grinding it out!
  769. This stuff changed my life....
  770. Thank you for your patience.
  771. Good news and better news!
  772. First order
  773. Joz? M1T for ya...
  774. Shipping HELP
  775. What's your favorite EP product?
  776. Mace is the MAN!!!
  777. Shout out to Mace....
  778. Only one thing is stronger than your excuses..Trenbolone!
  779. Yo, thanks Macedog24
  780. Shoutout to MaceDog
  781. Thanks MaceDog
  782. Expect delays. Just a heads up
  783. HCG question
  784. Topic of the week (win 10% off) Ends March 19th
  785. AUCTION!!! Eurotropin HGH 191aa
  786. Want to place an order
  787. Sale! Sale! Sale!
  788. Minor hiccup.....quick resolution
  789. Minor issue
  790. 3 products have deffinitly got my attention!
  791. Thankyou
  792. Shout out to Vision and PSL
  793. Site shut down?..
  794. NEW PRODUCT... Need test subjects..Tren Base!!!!!!
  795. Custom cycles with discount, Interested?
  796. New Member!
  797. Scammer alert on winny and anavar!!!
  798. TD Tren-Base porn... How's it look?
  799. Psl vision is the man
  800. Going to see the orthopedic surgeon today!
  801. HGH for healing
  802. Eurotropin TD!
  803. FIRST TD with PSL
  804. thank you macedog24 and PSL
  805. Post Surgery Blast?
  806. Got a sample of Tren Base on the way.....
  807. PSL Newest Product (TREN BASE) Now released to the public
  808. Easter Vacation
  809. AI dosage with MENT
  810. Hcg
  811. Wtf.. Psl ?
  812. NEW Vitamin - B12 1000mg/2ml amp $3 USD (Injectable)
  813. Customer Service
  814. Anybody seeing good gains with the Trestalone Ace?
  815. Spring brake is over back to the grind boys!
  816. NEW items...This is exciting!
  817. Got my B-12 sample in (pics-pics-pics)
  818. 300 Anavar Tabs + 300 Winny Tabs DISCOUNT COMBO STACK
  819. Pre cycle bloods
  820. As promised...
  821. M1T / B12 combo ONLY $100.00 (exclusive offer)
  822. Tren base review!!!!!!!
  824. Time for me to join the FUNNNNNNNN
  825. Cialis review
  826. Houston we have a major problem!!
  827. NEW G-TROPIN (Somatropinum) rHGH
  828. PSL is top notch
  829. Tren base
  830. I'm glad I didn't listen to the EQ haters. I'm in love......
  831. Looking for rHGH G-TROPIN (Somatropinum) BLOOD TESTER!
  832. Viagra review.
  833. TD pics of some NPP and more!
  834. Question about the Viagra
  835. NPP/Tren Ace combo $150 (basically getting 1 fee)
  836. Finishing my run "toned and trim cycle"
  837. Ghrp6/ghrp2 sale (peptides)
  838. Talk About Getting HARD with These!
  839. New week,new gains!
  840. Wish him luck
  841. Oral combos....what's your favorite?
  842. Out of stock?
  843. PSL Break (7-10 days)
  844. Melanotan 2
  845. Recieved a &quot;resend&quot; pack from PSL in record time!!
  846. Good gear but the diet bro.
  847. G-Tropin Serum Results
  848. Back from vacation/ time for some changes!
  849. [important] - temporarily switching back to non-colored (white) tabs
  850. All reps contact me ASAP
  851. We're Back (June 1st offical store re-opening)
  852. Small order
  853. 2 NEW "ELITE" PRODUCTS ADDED (Hurry Before these PARAMOUNT products are sold out)
  854. T3
  855. Psl your # ONE Stop Shop !
  856. Testosterone - Esters- What do You Prefer - Why?
  857. ill say it again !!
  858. Let Us Know How We're Doing
  859. How one "ester" effects user differently (real science)
  860. Some porn pics of my GHRP-6 from Europharmacies!
  861. NPP/Caber Porn Pics!
  862. Your arm routine?
  863. [CONTEST] - We need your help! Artistic ability and/or creativity needed! BIG PRIZES!
  864. Happy Fathers Day
  865. Clenbuterol TD!
  866. T3 dosing
  867. How can you NOT want to take these?
  868. Oral color code
  869. Technical Difficulties
  870. Cliants and Reps ( New email, please save)
  871. GHRP-6 The “Hunger Hormone” Explained
  872. WTF is in my vial?
  873. G-Tropin and EP Test Cyp Bloodwork
  874. HGH Euro Dual Chamber help
  875. HGH Dual-Chamber WAS $90 "SALE" NOW$70 per 40iu (EXTENDED SALE)
  876. Attention ASF!! Good News!! Major Announcement!!
  877. 4 DAY SALE my little firecrackers!
  878. (Results are in) RP-HPLC & SEC-HPLC analysis of Eurotropin HGH
  879. Proviron dosing question
  880. Time to give these G-Tropins a try. TD Pics + blood work to come!
  881. 💵💵 Mix & Match 5 oils & save money💵💵
  882. Pharma Grade Anadrol and Dbol? Yes please!
  883. New innovating dispensing technology.
  884. The undisputed King of testosterone (TD)
  885. Drostanolone – Masteron (yummy TD)
  886. Have no fear when you can't choke down that meal! ( GHRP-6)
  887. A small td.
  888. (Exclusive offer) G-Tropin-Somatropin SALE!!!!
  889. just check it out !! HGH score
  890. Reprisal 6. Log
  891. Post Workout Nutrition
  892. Unsponsored Log : HGH : Healing Factor
  893. Vision's Exclusive"Appreciation sale" 20% (Saturday-Sunday ONLY)
  894. [ONLY 15 HOURS LEFT!!!] - 20% off all International EP Products
  895. Gave one of my buddies some of the new ANABOL. [HIS TEXT MESSAGE LAST NIGHT]
  896. court
  897. Contest TD
  898. List please
  899. Milo's Deca/test blend (one last chance for this bulk) or I jump ship!
  900. A consumers advice !!!!
  901. Non Traditional Cycle
  903. Where's my diehards? Some words I want to share
  904. Some eye candy!
  905. NEW ordering features you’ll love
  906. A TD to make you rise to the occasion
  907. How to backload an insulin pin
  908. My small PSL TD...
  909. Cjc-1295 & mfg "peptides" on sale!
  910. Genotropin - Pfizer SALE "WOW"!!!!!!
  911. I got-a some-a PRIMO PASTA for-a you :)
  912. List of our specials!!!!
  913. Dual Chamber T/D😎
  914. A fun little game of MAD-LIBS for some [FREE PRODUCTS]
  915. Why I'm loyal to PSL
  916. Rip Rich Piana
  917. Thank you mayweather !!
  918. Beast Mode cycle (buy now) BULK BULK BULK!
  919. The "official" PSL loyalty program!
  920. EP HGH chamber SALE Now $70.00 - $20.00 (was $90.00)
  921. Metabolic Syndrome & Bodybuilding
  922. Earn up to 20% OFF ALL INCLUSIVE - The HOTTEST package we have to offer YET!!!
  923. Estrogen & Libido
  924. Thank you
  925. TD of goodness 😎
  926. New Representative
  927. The Gladiator (Recomp stack) LIMITED TIME ONLY
  928. I need to trade some psl gear
  929. Shoutout to PSL
  930. DISCOUNTED Pre-Designed Cycles for any Goal!
  931. I know I'm a rep and I'm supposed to say these things but......
  932. First order with PSL
  933. Showing some love ! You cant beat Quality!!
  934. Thank you Purity Source Labd
  935. For the gainz..MadLib Contest Prize
  936. I admit I did a double take at Starbucks today
  937. Want a 20% discount on your next order? Click to find out how [SUPER EASY]
  938. Thanks PSL
  939. Wanted to Keep everyone updated!
  940. LADIES! (and gents) We need your help designing women's cycles! [PRIZE INCENTIVE]
  941. PSL Cialis
  942. Vision is back
  943. Classic Bulk Cycle
  944. Slow bulk
  945. Need yor expertize Vision
  946. Yes, we carry - TRESTOLONE ACETATE (MENT) - The ultimate anabolic agent
  947. Look at these beuts! (TestE250/TrenE150 BLEND) 400mg
  948. 3rd TD in two months 😁
  949. Let's see your bulk cycle from PSL!
  950. Happy Monday!
  951. All reps PLEASE REPORT
  952. 💉 Genotropin SALE "WOW"!!!!!! (14 days left)
  953. Tb-500
  954. logger WANTED (Clenbuterol fat loss cycle)
  955. 💰💰save 5% from total by choosing bitcoin payment💰💰
  956. Hey LADIESSSS - We have a surprise for you! WOMEN'S CYCLES!
  957. 📦 Fast-service is OPEN International is re-stocking from Nov 2nd-12th📦
  958. 🍆🍆Listen up you limp dicks, we need your junk..Cialis logger needed!🍆🍆
  959. 👹👹Beast Mode Sponsored Bulk cycle👹👹 ::APPLY HERE::
  960. I'll be back in the AM, sick!
  961. Androgens & Fat Loss Mechanisms
  962. Clen/T3/Anavar
  963. 🛡️🔒"Euro-Pharmacies Product Authentication"🔒🛡️
  964. 💉💉EP - World-Class Peptides to help facilitate your GAINS!💉💉
  965. For the ladies!
  966. 📦International Shipping Has Re-opened📦
  967. 🛑🛑SALE ON all MAJOR hgh BRANDS!🛑🛑
  968. Trestolone
  969. Trestolone review
  970. List
  971. Older Females & Bloodwork
  972. PSL loyal review. Thank you!
  973. 🦃🦃Early Bird special SALE🦃🦃
  974. Beast Bulk PSL sponsored cycle
  975. Bodybuilding & Blood Glucose
  976. 🛑TREST logger NEEDED🛑
  977. Which type of cardio to feel good?
  978. Oral Steroid as Pre-Workout?
  979. Which periodisation scheme for hypertrophy?
  980. 💉TRT Stack (More bio/free testosterone in circulation)💉
  981. Next. Cycle advice please !!
  982. Thanks PSL
  983. Caber
  984. 🎁Dec 1st until the NEW year International is closed (fast service remains OPEN)🎁
  985. Happy December! Important PSA from PSL!
  986. Diet Drinks & Cutting
  987. [POLL] - PSL Gear - Old Look VS New Look
  988. 🎁🎁P.S.L. Fast Service🎁🎁
  989. Use BITCOIN and get 10% OFF!!
  990. caber exp date
  991. Addition to blast
  992. Welcome our new representative!
  993. Going Anabolic for Anadrol (sponsored log)
  994. Beautiful Trest Touchdown
  995. Touchdown! MUCHO EXPENSIVO!
  996. Chasing Mass w/Trestolone * Bundy74 Ment Journal
  997. Insulin and it’s importance explained
  998. Christmas came early!
  999. Ideas??
  1000. Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!
  1001. Merry christmas psl
  1002. Nice order
  1003. We donated some of our products to Santa this year...
  1004. Ment
  1005. International list?
  1006. New "Gears" Resolutions
  1007. **
  1008. International line
  1009. NEW rHGH added Somatropin-200™ LOCALLY ::UPDATED 4-26-2021::
  1010. BROMO (only $60usd) D1 dopamine receptor antagonist
  1011. SALE!! International Reopened!!
  1012. Let Us Know How We're Doing
  1013. Topic of the week (win 10% off next order)
  1014. The Revival of Sherk
  1015. ~Gear Wars TD thread~ Earn 5-10% next future order!
  1016. Anabol
  1017. 🏋️Up your mass!🏋️ ANDROLIC
  1018. Anabol (Methandienone ) - 5mg/1000 tabs $160.00
  1019. 🍆Put the trunk back in your junk! (Viagra/Cialis)🍆
  1020. Caber Reviews ??
  1021. Topic of the week PART II (win 10% off next order)
  1022. Geno's reduced 30% OMG!!!
  1023. G-Tropin, T4's, Test/EQ blend, with some Mast TD
  1024. Dual chamber emergency room visit
  1025. Small but beautiful TD...Milky white water based winny inject. (seeking opinions)
  1026. A glimpse into the mind of a bodybuilder
  1027. Under-Cheek contest WE NEED A WINNER!
  1028. Oral T 30mg/day
  1029. Weekly Q&A
  1030. 📦📦G-Tropin now Available thru-fast-service📦📦
  1031. 😍😍It's finally here "Super-Drol"😍😍
  1032. TOUCHDOWN! 200iu Medicare HGH Kit
  1033. New rep on the block..PSL!
  1034. PSL cycle thoughts
  1035. First legit cycle
  1036. Test E and NPP PIP?
  1037. 🔥🔥Ignite your lifts (ultimate pumps) TREN-BASE🔥🔥
  1038. Just a Thank You
  1039. 🛑🛑We need a logger and we need one NOW🛑🛑
  1040. HGH makes it better!
  1041. Received order
  1042. Shipping Question
  1043. Pre-Contest Steroids (and how my views have changed)
  1044. PSL inconsistent tab sizes??
  1045. First PSL TD !
  1046. All reps PM me asap
  1047. Trestolone test primo and anadrol
  1048. Push's Contest Prep
  1049. Would a rep PM me please?
  1050. New Source
  1051. Little PSL thank you
  1052. >>> Interactive (clickable) Products/Price List<<<
  1053. 💲💲 Put the "FUN" back in "REFUND" SALE💲💲
  1054. Whats your favorite breakfast!
  1055. Superdrol an train on road to masters nats
  1056. 😎Motivation Monday – What’s your goal this week?
  1057. 🛡️Are you suffering from back/neck or shoulder pain (TB-500)🛡️
  1058. Caber TD
  1059. Pulled the trigger on some PSL sauce!
  1060. Few questions on HCG
  1061. Thanks to Vision and Sherk
  1062. TD (Big brother and his siblings)
  1063. Somatropin feedback
  1064. Just received. Does this look ok to you?
  1065. 🧠ITS BACK Noopept (neurosteroid)🧠
  1066. ⚡Extra SUPERCHARGE your brain x 10 (CEMAKC)⚡
  1067. 🏋🏻*♀️NEW DRUG enhancing performance x 10🏋🏻*♀️
  1068. Royal flush (td)
  1069. Finally here and planning to start ASAP
  1070. PSL Primo Ace
  1071. Tres
  1072. Expiration Date
  1073. The EP Testosterone family!
  1074. Gtropin
  1075. 🎈🎈Welcome our New FAST SERVICE line "Pivotal Labs Inc"🎈🎈
  1076. Beauty vs Beast 10 week challenge
  1077. My "Meldonium" TD...
  1078. Advice on cut cycle
  1079. Dafuq? Payment method changes
  1080. Touchdown! Thanks to Sherk and Vision.
  1081. Primo Ace?
  1082. Puritysourcelabs great service!
  1083. The March of the Red Coats
  1084. Pivotal Labs - TD - Vision is Top Notch
  1085. Halo TD
  1086. I'm here all PM's will be answered!
  1087. Very bad experience
  1088. 🎈10% OFF Pivotal Labs (Fast service)🎈
  1089. 💉NEW* Vial Adapter 20mm "Vial spike"💉
  1090. 💊Pivotal Labs has officially launched their "ORAL" line💊
  1091. Just a little Thanks
  1092. 💉FREE Vial Adapter 20mm "Vial spike" with 5 vials or more💉
  1093. Not bad
  1094. What is it like to work for PSL?
  1095. Food
  1096. Thank you PSL and Vision
  1097. 1st order placed
  1098. Pivotal Oral pics :)
  1099. 🛡️Pivotal Labs Statement🛡️
  1100. Honestly lost for words......
  1101. Help!!
  1102. Melatonan II - User Guide
  1103. 1st TD from PSL
  1104. Now is your chance to try one of our products FOR FREE! [details inside]
  1105. Pivotal
  1106. European shipping time
  1107. First PSL review
  1108. 🗽15% OFF all weekend INTERNATIONAL ONLY🗽
  1109. Primo Ace Anyone?
  1110. Press forward!
  1111. 💖Shout-out to our customer base💖
  1112. 💉💉EP - World-Class Peptides to help facilitate your GAINS!💉💉
  1113. I will respond to all messages
  1114. Vial spike TD and usage pic (products too)
  1115. EP ORALS lab test
  1116. PSL/Euro-Pharmacies lab-testing-results (more to come)
  1117. More PSL labs test
  1118. Test Prop Mini Log & TD!
  1119. Update on PSL
  1120. Cialis tester review
  1121. Tren Base mini log and review
  1122. Tren Ace mini log and review
  1123. Vial spikes update!
  1124. My target igf 1 level with hgh
  1125. Unique SALE, RARE RARE RARE!
  1126. PSL(Euro Pharmacies) Contest Winnings : Clenbuterol Mini-Log
  1127. Macedog is back in the house!!
  1128. Eurotropin and Pivotal Lab Test c blood work and labmax
  1129. Test E 200mg / EQ 200mg - 400mg/ml 10ml/vial EP
  1130. Dbol loggers needed!
  1131. All dbol loggers read!
  1132. The Luteinizing hormone and HCG: Distinguishing the unique physiologic roles
  1133. PSL Methyl-1-testosterone (M1T) + Vitamins B12
  1134. 👍HGH & HCG Test results👍
  1135. 👍PCT & Anti-estrogen Test results👍
  1136. 👍Drol & M1T Test results👍
  1137. 👍Water Base compounds Test results👍
  1138. 👍EP OILS/BLENDS Test results👍
  1139. Pivotal dbol
  1140. ⭐6 DAY SALE my little firecrackers!⭐
  1141. Wow new products again!
  1142. Contest Winning Viagra Review
  1143. Just an assortment of goods :)
  1144. Shipping?
  1145. Noopept TD...Time to get SMART
  1146. Finally coming!
  1147. The eagle has landed
  1148. Geptor is HERE (antidepressive drug and liver aid)
  1149. 20 week primo run (gear porn pic)
  1150. Touchdown
  1151. [TD PIC] - Just picked up some of that WHITE ;)
  1152. IGF-1 vs IGF-1 LR3 vs IGF-1 DES (simplified)
  1153. Sample TD
  1154. NEW**TIROMEL T3 - 25 mcg/tab 100 tabs
  1155. Eagle has landed!!!
  1156. NEW RARE PRODUCT ""Stenbolone Ace""
  1157. First PSL Review! with PICS
  1158. Porn...
  1159. Test-E First Cycle mini log - Pic /w Bloodwork
  1160. First purchase!
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  1353. cut, lean, shredded, striation, veins all over
  1354. "why do you do it"??
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  1356. Sten > Tren
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  1380. PSL Thanks
  1381. Euro-Pharma Test Prop
  1382. Just'a TD of some quality STENBOLONE & NPP
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  1384. Can I get lean/tan and swole for summertime ??
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  1387. Review for Noopept
  1388. You have never had a real workout...
  1389. GH Test On PSL Black Tops
  1390. PsL
  1391. Site maintenance (ordering site temporarily closed down)
  1392. Test ISO or Viagra/Cialis?
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  1394. Website Fully Functional
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  1398. Feeling beat up
  1399. PSL HGH Frag 176-191 work or not? - 5 week MiniLog with final answer
  1400. PSL - TD Sten, Tren, Clen, Winny, HGH Frag 176-191
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  1453. PSL EP T4 legit or not? --> Blood Work says...
  1454. Need some help
  1455. EP MENT - Trestalone Ace TD
  1456. (18+) [xxx - porn inside - xxx] (18+)
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  1459. Happy Labor Day
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  1471. Can someone explain
  1472. Can someone explain
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  1498. 🕊️Vision's Holy Mother..Log included...🕊️
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  1519. Thank you PSL
  1520. 2019 last PSL TD
  1521. BPC-157 Recovery Log
  1522. All customers please read regarding your email provider! MUST READ
  1523. New Year Idea: parabolan VS Tren E
  1524. All my 2019 PSL TD
  1525. Merry christmas PSL family
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  1527. The Psl 2020 touchdown thread!!
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  1529. Vision's New decade TD from Puritysourcelabs.ru
  1530. PURITYSOURCELABS.RU Steroid Source Reviews and Blood-work thread
  1531. PuritySourceLabs.ru Source Checking & Discussion (Ask the community about us here)
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  1547. Euro-Pharmacies Peptides from Puritysourcelabs.ru
  1548. Design, Synthesis, and Preclinical Characterization of the SARM RAD140
  1549. Some good pills from PuritySourceLabs
  1550. PSL - Exercise Education Thread
  1551. Help with diet cycle for my order
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  1593. Regarding Vision. Please Read.
  1594. PuritySourceLabs Products Blood Test Result
  1595. HFO3 personal experience with PT-141”freaks only” PSL powered
  1596. EP Anadrol
  1597. Earn additional store credit by leaving a review here (Click on image below) PSL
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  1608. PSL package stopped updating
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  1624. People who say Good-morning should be forced to prove it!
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  1626. Puritysourcelabs.ru offers Test Base!
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  1628. PSL EP brand Isocaproate and Parabolan
  1629. Td!
  1630. In your view, deliver your thoughts...
  1631. Any questions hit up HFO today.. He's filling for me for a few hrs this AM..
  1632. Easy Pinning with Puritysourcelabs.ru (matching esters)
  1633. two products that once tried I have never done without
  1634. BACK IN STOCK 2021 TAD600 Immune Regulator Inhibit Coronavirus Proliferation
  1635. When you're locked down and don't know what to do
  1636. First time with PSL
  1637. Website issue
  1638. coronavirus cannot stop PSL
  1639. Took Cialis today. Got a MASSIVE, throbbing, blood filled...
  1640. 👄👅💦The reveal deal! 15% OFF using BTC (reveal the new you after quarantine)👄👅💦
  1641. anyone having issues with this ? buyer beware 1st time with PSL
  1642. Td
  1643. additon to TD - complete order
  1644. PSL - Homeworkout Tips (Pushups)
  1645. HCG Confirmed
  1646. 🥼🧪Wow, Look at this all brand new addition - "RAW MATERIAL"🧪🥼
  1647. 👍Check out this Facebook group Anabolic Revolution👍
  1648. Get a load of this ALL NEW list of PHARMA GRADE products (The list is to long to mention)
  1649. Take a closer look at one of our all NEW payment options!
  1650. INSULIN from puritysourcelabs.ru? Yes Please.
  1651. Can not place an order ?
  1652. Nice little score
  1653. Vision had delays
  1654. Calling all "Swoldiers".. Know your Row you yoked jokes!
  1655. Check out these most recent Mass spec test on EP Tren Hex..
  1656. ::This update my be subjected to change due to unpredictability and delays::
  1657. Big thanks to Vision
  1658. When we say fast we mean it!!
  1659. Current delivery success rate
  1660. P.S.L's current services that are available. (Please read)
  1661. PSL TD: Cialis for "the pump"
  1662. Puritysourcelabs.ru means you Don’t Panic.
  1663. What's your biggest fear?
  1664. THE KING IS LOCAL :::Click here:::
  1665. My Life Under TREN
  1666. Fuck Off Quarantine 15! PSL can help.
  1667. Be as bold as you express your desire to be great.. P.S.L will get you bold enough!
  1668. After Sept I may cruise long term primo
  1669. I'll call this color "Trequente"..
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  1672. Does Tren wreak havoc on you mentally and physically !? NPP could be what you need.
  1673. Do you use a lot of cuss words, and if so what word do you use in place of other words?
  1674. PSL review
  1675. Checking In
  1676. FB Group
  1677. Updates on international shipping?
  1678. PSL Merchandise
  1679. Domestic bulk discount?
  1680. Super Deals!! (Worldwide)
  1681. Stenbolone Ace 100mg is simply phenomenal
  1682. Don't get it TWISTED announcement! P.S.L.
  1683. Program Design For Hypertrophy
  1684. PSL Review good to go
  1685. This is not a marketing ploy.. please listen..
  1686. To all those worrying about your PSL international package not showing up....DON'T!
  1687. Raws TD today
  1688. Time for a “Basic” Cycle? EP Test & DBOL
  1689. Quick EP Cut Cycle from PSL
  1690. What is you go-to testosterone ester?
  1691. TD in Xxxxx DAYS after payment!
  1692. coronavirus cannot stop PSL - part II
  1693. This is the most bad ass combo you could toss in during this time of year! Your thoughts..
  1694. Superdrol. Bring out the superhuman in you.
  1695. Puritysourcelabs.ru has SARMS to Bridge Between Cycles
  1696. We have what you need "locally" and we can justify the affordability PURITYSOURCELABS.ru
  1697. School work
  1698. HGH delivered Locally from puritysourcelabs.ru
  1699. Thank you PSL [emoji3590]
  1700. Bulky-Bulky time "Nandrolone Phenylpropionate" IT'S BACK!
  1701. Old schoolers
  1702. "NEW Updated LAB reports now in" Lab results below can be verified by the testing facility
  1703. Parabolan Test Results
  1704. Vision
  1705. Server Down?
  1706. A message from Euro Pharmacies
  1707. Where are the short ester guys at?
  1708. Scrawny to Brawny EP Test/Tren blend Ready for this? Lets go
  1709. Td!
  1710. Placing 2nd order?
  1711. The older lion stack
  1712. Euro-Pharmacies Anavar at Puritysourcelabs.ru
  1713. EP-PSL Summer cycle: Test / Mast combo
  1714. Euro-Pharmacies Big Bulking Agents
  1715. Puritysourcelabs.ru more than just Gear!
  1716. Masteron is AMAZING at high doses, so why not run Masteron Enanthate 200mg/mL?
  1717. Euro-Pharmacies Turanabol from P.S.L.
  1718. 2 times the charm
  1719. Tren for the First Time?
  1720. Euro Pharmacies puts out an other lab test by Lab4tox (Testosterone Cypionate)
  1721. not another covid-19 home gym thread?!?!? Yup, I had to ask, again..
  1722. Depression while on cycle? Let's talk about why and some remedies
  1723. NEWLY ADDED LAB RESULTS by LAB4TOX for Euro-Pharmacies.net Swing on by and check them out.
  1724. Euro Pharmacies-PSL porn pics
  1725. [TD PIC] - 10 Test E - 10 NPP - 5 Mast P - 100 Tabs Cialis - 50 Tabs Adex
  1726. 📧::Update my be subjected to change due to unpredictability and delays::📧 August 13th
  1727. Primo LAB4TOX results (Verified with authenticity)
  1728. PSL - EP Cycle - Strength Stack - Conservative
  1729. Euro-Pharmacies HGH LOCALLY!
  1730. Just the Basics from puritysourcelabs.ru
  1731. PSL EP Primo Depot : Is it worth the extra cost?
  1732. Eurotropin HGH available with Local Delivery
  1733. NPP with Stenbolone - How many others out there have used this combo?
  1734. NEWLY ADDED peptides to PSL's local service.. Euro-Pharmacies CJC-1295 (take a look)
  1735. One of the most under-rated orals that offers great benefits (what is it?)
  1736. The importance of the pump and your lifts *Here's an option to consider* Bold/EQ - By PSL
  1737. A look at the biology that's behind aromatase/estro conversion "AI's by EP at PSL"
  1738. Euro Pharmacies Test ISO BLOOD WORK
  1739. A little birdie told me, NEW products coming soon!
  1740. Cycle Update
  1741. The king can NOT be without the strength of the queen (What's this about?)
  1742. Premium ~ Authentic ~ Multi-Functional SARMS Sold at PuritySourceLabs.ru
  1743. So, YK11 is a SARM and myostatin inhibitor in one? Hmmm
  1744. NEW Lab4tox reports Sept. 2020 ::HERE:: PuritySourceLabs.ru / Euro-Pharmacies.net
  1745. Any feedback on Raws from psl?
  1746. How was everyone's labor day weekend?
  1747. Local shipping "Temporarily" closed (re-stocking)
  1748. Don't forget to look at our stickies on the top of our sub-forum here at PSL
  1749. Just a little TD for the up coming winter season.
  1750. Big shoutout to Vision
  1752. Just a few tools for your BULK www.PuritySourceLabs.ru
  1753. Stenbolone & DHB Cycle Log
  1754. Sexy Little TD COMPLIMENTS of PSL
  1755. Listen here my Pump-Kings - we have a sale for YOU!
  1756. Pivotal Labs Oxandrolone (anavar) Lab4tox test results 10/2020
  1757. Pivotal Labs Testosterone Enathate (Test-E250) Lab4tox test results 10/2020 (More testing
  1758. How was everyone's weekend?
  1759. It's official LOCAL service is once again full stocked and OPEN!
  1760. all PMS will be answered later this afternoon Wednesday 7,2020
  1761. Suffering from injuries and seeking a quick and fast recovery? Examine this option.. PSL
  1762. Peptides!!! Peptides!!! Peptides!!!
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  1766. Help with the tutanota email site
  1767. Fast Delivery of BPC-157
  1768. Pics of NEW BLENDS
  1769. 👑 Truth be told, this TD is good as GOLD 👑 Take a look for yourself...
  1770. First or last baby
  1771. PSL offers Tren Hex from Euro-Pharmacies
  1772. PSL Test Cyp, Test Prop, Tren Ace and Proviron thread
  1773. Fat Burners with Local Delivery
  1774. Exceptional options from Puritysourcelabs.ru
  1775. NEW TRT blend from Euro-Pharmacies, sponsored by PSL TestE200/MastE200 - 400mg/mL
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  1777. OMG Candy did what while standing in line? Bad girl..
  1778. Help with libido
  1779. NEW T-400mg/mL Bang for your buck!
  1780. Shot out to VISION
  1781. Great Products !!
  1782. Cutting has never been easier with this synergistic combo.
  1783. 🥇The gold metal maker just got made better🥇 Injection TBOL
  1784. Halloween TD + pic.
  1785. Building A Classic With PSL
  1786. Need more energy? Take a placebo! (This is why I love Oral injections like TBOL and Drol)
  1787. Local HCG delivered Fast from puritysourcelabs.ru
  1788. Of course its heavy, Why do you think they call it weights (Strongest PWO) Injection Drol
  1789. PSL Sponsord Cutting Mix Plus 300 log
  1790. Superhuman HULK oil (PWO Drol fuel)
  1791. Proviron Review: Can it be used in place of Masteron and will it help with Free T levels?
  1792. PSL has Euro-Pharmacies products available NOW!
  1793. PSL delivers Peptides Fast!
  1794. 3 people needed (LOCAL SHIPPING) Sust-250 3 x 10mL vials each! FREE FREE FREE - LOCAL!
  1795. 🎄📦P.S.L "LOCAL" service will remain OPEN📦🎄
  1796. 🛡️🔒"Euro-Pharmacies Product Authentication"🔒🛡️ UPDATED
  1797. 🧑*🎄Pin-up Grinches Get some of this holiday sauce!🧑*🎄
  1798. 🎅🎄Don't let the Grinch steal your gains.. Avoid him HERE!🎅🎄
  1799. I invested in oil and GOLD
  1800. A Basic stack for the win.. Bulk on the basics! (pics)
  1801. ❄️SARMS for your season❄️
  1802. Gratitude To Vision and PSL Team
  1803. 🖤🛍️The "BLACKER" Friday SALE🛍️🖤
  1804. Could this be the actual KING of all the test??
  1805. Took advantage of 20% off
  1806. Just some leftovers (Gear Pics) :)
  1807. Checks out!!!
  1808. A recomp cycle you can count on
  1809. Let's hear your thoughts on this stack? Just your thoughts nothing more. :)
  1810. Bulking made convenient with Puritysourcelabs
  1811. 🐍Cobra Kia approved🐍 Bad ass enough to peal down any adipose tissue..TD pics
  1812. A look at HGH, is it worth it? You decide.
  1813. Testosterone, Body Composition, and aging.
  1814. Diet and Training First, then Gear to enhance.
  1815. 🤓 creatine enhances steroids? Creatine is a myostatin blocker? Interesting.... 🤓
  1816. 📲🖥️NEW customer support ticket system now available 🖥️📲
  1817. Sust td!!
  1818. PuritySourceLabs.ru will temporarily be closing for the rest of the month.
  1819. Seeking 2 serious loggers to run a full scale cycle! No bullshit and no time wasting..
  1820. Covid bowl contest!!! Sign up now!!
  1821. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it log with Oldman85
  1822. RE: The Clean Bulk Log (Purity Source Labs EP)
  1823. Sus 250 review
  1824. I need six loggers immediately.. for Cialis... Immediately ASAP
  1825. cbbram reintroduction - PSL Rep
  1826. Been saying it forever, but will it happen? Looks like the unimaginable just got real.
  1827. Both local and international?
  1828. Merry Christmas everyone!!!
  1829. Euro Pharmacies - Weeks 5-13 Log
  1830. This is not for human EP TD
  1831. Euro-Pharmacies GOLD Series TD
  1832. Anadrol VS Tbol: what's your choice?
  1833. 🎉🥳 Aaaand, We're BACK! PSL online store is RE-OPENED! 2021🥳🎉 www.PuritySourceLabs.ru
  1834. Boldenone effects - the Horse steroid
  1835. PSL keeping me hard...
  1836. EP cialis log
  1837. PSL Sponsord EP Cialis Log
  1838. PSL sponsored Cialis Log
  1839. PSL Sponsored Cialis Log (Sponx)
  1840. Big Thanks for the best team on the world and our customers trusting
  1841. 4th Order
  1842. Td
  1843. 2021 PuritySourceLabs TD thread.. Post your touchdown pictures here (bragging rights) 2021
  1844. Psl cialis review
  1845. ops, I did it me too, but I did it better!
  1846. 🐎Hold your horses and Behold, the BOLD!🐎
  1847. We care about your 🐓, well you need to read to fully understand!
  1848. 🐂Bull strong🐂 Only at PSL
  1849. Cialis Review
  1850. Psl Cialis loggers be like
  1851. Ho ho ho - coming soon
  1852. Vision is da man!!!!
  1853. Sponsored PSL log/review - popping my CIALIS cherry!
  1854. Sten
  1855. Good morning good morning PSL Brothers!
  1856. 🧠Ephedrine Fat-loss agent or Nootropic or both? To learn more or purchase click ::HERE::
  1857. HGH products now ready for local shipping (check them out)
  1859. The moment many of you have been waiting on -NEWLY added items to the local line at P.S.L
  1860. PSL delivery time?
  1861. FIXING CRASHED GEAR (PSL customers please read)
  1862. Nice little TD from PSL.. Bragging rights!
  1863. Ok ok I couldn’t wait to show you guys!!
  1864. Fake clen?
  1865. Nipro pinz
  1866. how would you run this for cut cycle
  1867. New items added to the local line! Take 5 and Check'em out!
  1868. 🏷️EP Gold Line PEEL BACK LABELS🏷️ PuritysourceLabs.ru
  1869. Clean up time.. TD
  1870. Cooking Sarms?
  1871. "7" Loggers needed like TODAY!
  1872. PSL Sponsord Clen Cycle
  1873. Euro Pharmacies - Competition Video
  1874. TD Super Bowl Winnings
  1875. Anavar - The truth and is it really magical as they say?
  1876. EP Dbol test Results It's not to late to add a bit of size before spring or summer!
  1877. PSL Sponsered Clen Log
  1878. PSL Clen Back to the Gym Log
  1879. A huge announcement is coming your way
  1880. 💉🩸 Blood work incentives and how to take bloods! Only at PSL🩸 💉 Let us PROVE it....
  1881. An other auction coming at you! 3 compounds (mini cut blast)
  1882. Want to run a blind log? Apply within "The community picks the loggers cycle voting pole)
  1883. PSL - NFL Playoff Touchdown!
  1884. We are experiencing some slight delays so please remain patient.
  1885. My favorites all at once
  1886. Buki1718 PSL CLEN LOG.
  1887. PSL - Lower Body Workout
  1888. LOCAL service is temporarily closed 7 days only (International is still open)
  1889. NEW Lab4Tox results ~ EP MastE 200mg
  1890. NEW Lab4Tox test results ~ EP Cialis
  1891. DOUBLE TROUBLE BID TD!![emoji91][emoji91][emoji123]
  1892. Best comment for my TD and you get FREE treat on the house..
  1893. PSL logger
  1894. 📪📦fast service is back in your neighborhood📦📪
  1895. NEW Lab4tox reports 🐇🐰🥚April 2021🐇🐰🥚 PuritySourceLabs.ru / Euro-Pharmacies
  1896. A Little PSL TD
  1897. Video Series - Euro Pharmacies - 3 Part Video
  1898. How was everyone ester, you go away or anyone going on vacation?
  1899. Auction TD[emoji817]
  1900. Auggie/Wife PSL Logger
  1901. ☀️Spring cha-ching sale☀️ 15% OFF everything... (8th-12th ONLY)
  1902. ✔️Be sure not to fizzle when the summer starts to sizzle (Single compound or combo deal)✔️
  1903. 💪🏾🐻Pumps so good they are unbearable🐻💪🏾
  1904. Luck of the draw TD
  1905. Today: EP porn
  1906. Order minimum?
  1907. Tren A and E leftovers question
  1908. Fantasy Football Contest TD!!
  1909. Only the Brave: injectable ANADROL
  1910. Good Morning :) How was everyone's weekend? Anyone ever do Disk Golf?
  1911. 💦💋Thick,curvy,butts n boobies & more :WIN PRIZES HERE: The contest that never ends!💦💋
  1912. ₿uy big - Save ₿ig - GET ₿IG - You’d ₿e Crazy to Miss This SALE May 15th - 22nd
  1913. Anavar + Stanozolol combo "synergistic interaction" check this shit out!
  1914. PSL - hard cock cocktail
  1915. Important warning: do not give PT141 to a woman!
  1916. The big boy..
  1917. Time to TAN
  1918. The high-muckety-muck, big as FUCK! ::See for yourself::
  1920. Psl td
  1921. PuritySourceLabs Summer Cycle
  1922. Cut up for summer with this high quality finisher..
  1923. God level trt. Synergistic perfection
  1924. Dhb
  1925. Your attention please
  1926. What cycles are you planning to run this summer?
  1927. When will the raws be restocked?
  1928. Psl offers the highest quality pct, anti estrogen and recovery products
  1929. What's in your little personal use quick access box? My current blast!
  1930. dark and shredded
  1931. Question for the consensus: payment methods preferred
  1932. The best STEROIDS for your arsenal to get MONSTER SIZE + 📝Hardcore bulking article📝
  1933. 🛑READ🛑 YK11 is a SARM and myostatin inhibitor in one! "Astounding"
  1934. Clenbuterol a powerful thermogenic
  1935. PRODUCT OF THE WEEK! June 19th and 20th ONLY Buy 2 get 1 (CUT TIME)
  1936. Un-Sponsored Summer Cycle Log
  1937. How do you feel about..... Honest thoughts!
  1938. oral administration of mk677 -Stimulation of (GH)-insulin-like growth factor
  1939. Ipamorelin 5mg - now "Local" in your neighborhood..
  1940. 🏷️ PRODUCT OF THE WEEK SALE! June 26th & 27th ONLY🏷️
  1941. BPC 157 heal like wolverine
  1942. Just placed an order with PSL
  1943. Name 3 movies that you are 100% certain that you seen 10 x or more..And go! (Free treat)
  1944. PRICE DROP July 3rd & 4th ONLY on these 2 products (Buy 2 get one FREE)
  1945. 5 out of 5 rating for PURITYSOURCELABS.RU Steroid Source Reviews
  1946. 🏝️🕶️🌞big summer sale 15% off🌞🕶️🏝️
  1947. Low Dose Sustanon/ Proviron Log w/ Labs
  1948. --->> Euro-Pharmacies TD!!!
  1949. My PSL stash for the imminent lockdown
  1950. Just a hint of a surprise, brought to you by vision and the entire network of EP
  1951. 📭📦TD pics with NEW products, NEW look, NEW dosages, NEW security features📦📭
  1952. The most unique oral blend to ever be in the market.. 2 in 1
  1953. I will get back to you sometime today.
  1954. PSL REOPENING TOMORROW 8/11. All New Products. Be There.
  1955. Please welcome the newest member to the team of sponsored athletes -
  1956. Lets All Welcome Another New Member To The Team
  1957. Forum Game: Would You Rather
  1958. Do you want size and strength that demands RESPECT? Check this one out Trest ace/ment
  1959. TD from PSL / EP
  1960. Euro-Pharmacies {-N-E-W-} Product$ 1° TD
  1961. Bulk cycle TD ready to get going
  1962. Zepp’s Sponsored PSL Log
  1963. HIGH potency DHEA is here 300mg tabs
  1964. PSL's NPP (Nandrolone Phenylpropionate) Feedback
  1965. Euro Pharmacies Anadrol Lab results
  1966. Euro Pharmacies Anavar Lab results
  1967. PSL - Competition Bench Press - 512Lbs
  1968. PuritySourceLabs Summer cycle 2° bloodwork
  1969. EP Touchdown! (Some cool new products included)
  1970. 10% -15% OFF 👅She want's to put you under her spell👅 Come see!
  1971. Great customer service, great gear.
  1972. Euro-Pharmacies Injectable T-Bol LOG powered by PSL
  1973. Just a basic TD pic with some staple "feel good" compounds
  1974. 🏆CONTEST🏆 Guess how many vials & win (NEW CONTEST DATE POSTED)
  1975. how to stay shredded all year round
  1976. Lower cortisol levels and high DHEA levels retain muscle mass
  1977. Does your goldline use the same oil as your regular oils?
  1978. NEW Lab4tox reports Sept. 2021 ::HERE::
  1979. I want to know what you are thinking....
  1980. PT141 nasal spray?
  1981. No meat? No problem... We have it here!
  1982. One of the most underrated esters "Nandolone Phenylpropionate" PURITYSOURCELABS.ru
  1983. 🦇🐺Missing this Sale would be a fright!🐺🦇
  1984. The BIG BOY... Sust 500mg/mL
  1985. 1-Testosterone Cypionate(DHB) NEW Lab4tox reports Nov 2021
  1986. Trestolone Ace (Ment) NEW Lab4tox reports Nov 2021
  1987. Time to grow
  1988. ❄️🎅🎄AVOID HOLIDAY DELAYS LAST SALE OF THE YEAR🎅🎄❄️ 20% OFF plus 5% with BTC
  1989. Who wants another contest and I promise to get creative..
  1990. Stenbolone & Gold Bulk Cycle
  1991. Meta-study: animal proteins are better muscle builders than vegetable proteins
  1992. Order review
  1993. EP touchdown
  1994. Help please
  1995. Thank you
  1996. Nice little TD 6 x BULK CYCLE "oral blends" 25mgDrol/25mgDbol" (5-STAR ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)
  1997. PSL is my lifelong choice!
  1998. Happy Thanksgiving!!!! 🦃
  1999. PuritySourceLabs TD
  2000. Hello hello hello
  2001. LOCAL-SHIPPING will remain OPEN UNTIL DEC 22nd and will RE-OPEN JAN 1st
  2002. PLEASE READ ABOUT P.S.L. "LOCAL" & "INTERNATIONAL" services for the month of December
  2003. what's on my christmas tree?
  2004. Purity Source Labs TD
  2005. 🚪🚶::Click the door to enter the store::🚪🚶
  2006. Order in
  2007. One out-of-control Christmas sale! 25% OFF ALL LOCAL ITEMS...
  2008. Payment Question
  2009. I have to ask...
  2010. Nice little TD for the new year....
  2011. Xmas sale
  2012. On behalf of the entire team here at PSL, Merry Christmas!
  2013. TD great to deal with
  2014. Holiday Sale TD
  2015. Thanks You and happy new year
  2016. Christmas TD
  2017. Dhb
  2018. 🥂Announcing our NEW YEAR Grand Reopening!🥂 2022
  2019. NEW products added to our already stacked LOCAL online shopping catalog!
  2020. BULK CYCLE "oral blends" 25mgDrol/25mgDbol" (5-STAR ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐) Plus some oils!
  2021. 2022 PSL TD Thread | Post your PSL Touchdown Pics here! (XXX PORN INSIDE)
  2022. never ordered here before
  2023. Products of the month SALE.. 5% OFF and GET 5% more OFF if you do THIS ----- for 10% OFF
  2024. 🛠️Site maintenance (ordering site temporarily closed down)🛠️ Give us a few :)
  2025. NEW EP product. Improve cardio, stamina and brain function. Meldonium "Meldonix EP"
  2026. Psl unvails another new product
  2027. T3+T4 - ( T3-30mcg + T4-120mcg) -150mcg/tab EP (COMBO ORAL)
  2028. Can't log into PSL
  2029. The Cardio Cocktail I been waiting on, stoked, I have some serious conditioning ahead "TD"