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  1. Testosterone Replacement Therapy
  2. Testosterone Types and Delivery
  3. How old were you when you needed TRT?
  4. Wait Time After Cycle to Get Labs Done?
  5. Local vs mail order doctors
  6. Girlfriend with low sex drive
  7. Crusing test and low dose deca
  8. Arimidex vs. Femara for increasing testosterone in men (HRT)
  9. Nelson Vergel on Testosterone Replacement Therapy [VIDEO]
  10. HRT therapy and older men
  11. Anyone use or try Axiron or Fortesta...
  12. HRT for 20+ years
  13. TRT and Fertility
  14. Need a good Endo in Maryland. Please help!!!
  15. Need a TRT location in LAS VEGAS....that wont break the bank.
  16. 200mg/wk not enough?
  17. longest f**king read for 3 simple questions!!!!
  18. Shortage of Watson Test cyp !
  19. Thinking of starting trt
  20. lab results and questions
  21. New law regarding Testosterone therapy?
  22. got my script :)
  23. TRT issues....!
  24. http://testosteronewisdom.blogspot.com/2013/02/a-recently-published-study-showed-that
  25. looking for a doctor.
  26. Do we need an AI on HRT ?
  27. TRT for me
  28. Maximum dosage TRT
  29. Back to TRT for me
  30. A break from TRT - Is PCT needed? (Coupled with a recommendation for HCG)
  31. Low libido?
  32. 22 year old - very low test help me out
  33. TRT dose 100mg per MONTH...
  34. replacement therapy
  35. Gotta go back to the doc
  36. HGH cycle
  37. Trt replacement for 41 year old
  38. blood work while on TRT
  39. Is HCG required for.....
  40. Good old Clomid
  41. Reconstituting HCG, what do I need?
  42. 22 years old, need help ASAP
  43. Anyone know where to get Viagra??
  44. My Trt protocol
  45. Curious what Dr would say
  46. Androgel.......
  47. Curios about suggesting TRT to dad
  48. Testosterone Undecanoate
  49. my trt self med
  50. prozac and low test?
  51. got blood work! doc has me now on trt!
  52. Wondering about running low dose deca while on TRT
  53. Energy levels have tanked. What are some ideas to increase it?
  54. What would you run with 150mg of Test Cyp/ week?
  55. Bad cholesterol went up good dropped what type of changes should I make?
  56. Can you get Used to Test
  57. My name says it all. LowT looking to start a program and start living again
  58. Estrogen Feedback
  59. New to the TRT scene and ASF
  60. Where To Take Lab Results Showing Very Low Test
  61. PCT after TRT
  62. Blood test
  63. How to add more Test from alternate source while using TRT clinic??
  64. When do I get labs for new TRT?
  65. grandpa needs some advice /// good info
  66. Long Term TRT question
  67. Basic blast question while on TRT
  68. TRT? Doc said I am normal
  69. Total T 243 I am 24 wtf
  70. Liquid Dex
  71. testosteron
  72. I may need to change my ways..
  73. Advice for my father/specific blood test
  74. Nibido?
  75. increasing brain masculinity
  76. quesrion about trt
  77. Blasting and Cruising on TRT
  78. so I got some Blood work done...
  79. TRT....does your insurance cover it?
  80. Help with AI during TRT
  81. Tell Dr. or Not?
  82. 28YR Old, Been on TRT for a Year - Not The Ideal Setup, Looking For Advice
  83. 2nd Opinions
  84. on trt and low libido.
  85. Breaks between cycles
  86. My test recovered???
  87. Serum Test <350
  88. Test replacement age?
  89. Trt pops
  90. Low Test?
  91. Advice for a friend of mine who is 55 for TRT
  92. 200mg 2x daily bio-id test cream conversion? ?
  93. Starting CLOMID for HRT
  94. Labs Back Low T
  95. What to test for when doing blood test
  96. Is hormone replacement therapy safe?
  97. HGH vs. TRT?
  98. dose question
  99. Advice on lab results
  100. Question For a vet or with exp
  101. Doc is going to script me Test!
  102. Trt question
  103. URGENT!!! Need advice regarding lab results!
  104. Bloods Came Back Today...TRT Advice?
  105. High iron levels
  106. Blast and Cruise
  107. Clomid on TRT?
  108. 5th week feel nothing
  109. Out of Line?
  110. Blood test rsults are in.... Low T.... whats next
  111. Questions about SUB-Q Injections for TRT
  112. Question on "rebooting" your system
  113. Weight-Loss TRT Before and After Pictures
  114. TRT and the re-emergence of my boners...
  115. New on HRT with no HCG/Clomid??
  116. cuting on trt
  117. Trying to get scripted injectables for trt
  118. Got my script! Continuation of CLOMID thread
  119. What to run with my TRT?
  120. good doc for trt in Lexington, KY area.
  121. Got bloodwork back.....Need advice
  122. Double red cell donation
  123. Can you use 20% cream with low dose injection
  124. TRT and increased risk of heart attack and stroke
  125. new member/self med t.r.t help please
  126. Is it time to get serious about TRT?
  127. Recent TRT Labs
  128. TRT 3 weeks, lab results in today
  129. First time with TRT
  130. Sub-Q TRT
  131. Labs after sub-q trt, E2 & hematocrit skyhigh!
  132. Battling low T
  133. I wish I was NOT on TRT
  134. Increase mu dose to 200 mg week
  135. HGH therapy
  136. TRT script with no insurance...
  137. respectable trt dosage
  138. Test level is 320, but "normal."
  139. Test Levels
  140. Lab Results??!!
  141. Negative Studies Shed Light on Poor Management of Men on Testosterone Replacement
  142. wierd AI question
  143. BioIdentical Hormones vs. Synthetic Hormones
  144. Tri-Amino Therapy
  145. How many back to back cycles are safe
  146. newest trt patient. and maybe youngest
  147. un monitored trt
  148. TRT and drug testing for an upcoming competition
  149. Total T levels
  150. Why my Dr. Kicks Ass
  151. Traveling with Testim gel, without a script.
  152. Do I dare and try to educate my Doc? advise plz!
  153. Decision?
  154. Test serum vs free test
  155. Feel a little weak and shortness of breath
  156. TRT 2nd set of bloodwork completed.
  157. TRT and no pct
  158. Switching TRT From Online Clinic
  159. TRT Protocol With Blood Work
  160. Need some Advice on what to add to TRT
  161. Legit Pregnyln 5000 iu
  162. I hate insurance companies
  163. Trestolone ace for trt!?
  164. Just started TRT
  165. Test Cyp for TRT?
  166. TRT dose what would be better?
  167. TRT and Deca
  168. Looking for a New Doc
  169. new labs
  170. Going on 67 & just started TRT 6/3/14
  171. Getting on TRT
  172. Just started TRT want to add Anavar...will it work?
  173. Low T at 25
  174. HCG Restart for naturally low T
  175. TRT from the VA anyone?
  176. Anyone experience delayed orgasm while on Testosterone?
  177. On TRT, what do you think about this blast?
  178. TRT and Anti-E
  179. No AI while on TRT
  180. Talon compound pharmacy
  181. Talon pharmacy/questions
  182. Blood after injection
  183. TRT blood work question
  184. Test Cycle while on TRT?
  185. Blood test 291
  186. TRT and adding Test e
  187. Aveed ... anyone tried it?
  188. Is my Doc just trying to pacify me?
  189. My balls are getting small
  190. SWALE's Best Thoughts on HRT (Out dated but should be posted here for general info)
  191. Doctor wants me to stop
  192. no link between heart attack and testosterone
  193. Any natural AI's?
  194. Going on try worth it
  195. Formeron .. Natural AI .. Anyone tried it?
  196. New prescription....too much clomid?
  197. AI or SERM on cycle necessary?
  198. increase hair growth. need help.
  199. Need advice. Doctor visit this afternoon.
  200. Dietary Fat and TRT
  201. Is trt worth a shot for me?
  202. Need some help
  203. New to trt
  204. Good news regarding RBC TRT and guys that can't donate!
  205. Sustenon for TRT pros and con ?
  206. Testosterone and anxiety!!! Help
  207. 3rd set of bloods. 6 months on TRT
  208. First cycle during TRT (blast)
  209. Reverting back to TRT post cycle?
  210. Hcg
  211. Trt and fat loss
  212. estrogen blockers
  213. Waiting on corisol levels to start HRT, at the end of my rope.
  214. Starting my first cycle...need some help !
  215. How long for the "blast" to settle down to " cruise" level
  216. Low testosterone.com... anyone try that?
  217. Stupid Question for the Pros.
  218. First post, TRT started and feeling in need of guidance?
  219. TRT and having kids
  220. TRT lab work
  221. Blood results
  222. DR called today with lab results next appointment is Friday
  223. Dr wants to put me on HRT
  224. DR wants me to see a psychologist as condition for TRT
  225. Geoff69's TRT journey so far
  226. Time article Manopause
  227. TRT... How long have you been cruising?
  228. Low T; TRT time? And surgery!
  229. TRT New rules?
  230. Just started trt - can you review my meds?
  231. Do some people need higher doses?
  232. Question for female Test users
  233. Mixing Sermorelin - Not sure if I did it right...
  234. TRT causing Tendonitis ???
  235. Will lack of HCG cause slow ejaculate production, low volume?
  236. thinking about crusing
  237. Exogenous testosterone: a preventable cause of male infertility
  238. Elevated BP on TRT due to increased RBC count?
  239. Been on TRT for about 3 months with no AI
  240. Test re-engaging puberty?
  241. New Member
  242. E2 levels never checked
  243. TRT, more acne here and there
  244. First Blood Test With TRT
  245. 10 mg tamoxifen weekly with test pellets insteadof AI?
  246. Trt and dbol
  247. Pocket of swelling in knee when seated?
  248. Morning Wood
  249. TRY and Muscle cramps
  250. Is .25mg of ARIMIDEX really enough if taken once a week for trt
  251. 25 yr old. Low T, looking for feedback on blood test
  252. Need advice on blood test!!
  253. Need some advice please....
  254. Pharm testosterone drought !
  255. TRT, Cruising, Blasting... WTF?
  256. anyone do laser hair removal?
  257. i am a habitual lurker and thought i would say hi.
  258. Very High Estro while on Exedrol or Arimidex! WTF! Please Help
  259. Thought my Doc was GTG, but only soso
  260. Anyone able to recommend a decent TRT doc in Victoria, Australia?
  261. Need advice...
  262. Question re. PIP
  263. What company will i get next
  264. Test C versus Test E.
  265. Finding a Dr. Willing To give you a script
  266. Cruising with Test E and Deca
  267. Hcg pct
  268. Questions on my TRT (Started a little over a month ago)
  269. Weight gain on TRT not wanted
  270. Mast e with test e or c, for TRT?
  271. Low testosterone needing help
  272. 5000 iu mixed in 10 ml bacteriostatic water
  273. Help with HRT replacement
  274. Dumb question
  275. Bloodwork, Flexible Savings Account, Reimbursement
  276. Choice between arimidex (adex) or aromasin (exemestane) for hi E2 on TRT
  277. On TRT, T levels dropped off
  278. on TRT- thinking of bumping it up for a few weeks for some muscle gain
  279. Non stop blasting, your input
  280. new trt doc, which is better
  281. Hormone Therapy
  282. So Im 33 Hopelessly Addicted To AAS and have a big Question
  283. Anyone have issues knocking up their girl/wife while on?
  284. HGC injection bruising
  285. Testosterone Gel question
  286. Gel verses shots
  287. need advice for hrt
  288. Compounded cream question
  289. Young guy with low T...need options
  290. adding tren E to TRT
  291. A silly question?
  292. oil transfer to vials
  293. Thinking of switching from Androgel to shots - suggetsions?
  294. Low T- my plan .. help .. please
  295. Looking to get back on TRT and have a question....
  296. HCG with TRT?
  297. First Blast - Taper or all in?
  298. New Vascularity
  299. Donating blood while on TRT
  300. Low T Bloods and 1st cycle questions
  301. on trt, fear ive got bunk gear
  302. Starting TEST/T3 - Noob - Advice needed
  303. Testopel to test
  304. Summer Time Blast...
  305. Questions for the doc
  306. New to trt
  307. A question out of curiosity?
  308. Newbie on trt looking for first cycle advice with no knowledge or experience
  309. My Clomid Rollercoaster Experience
  310. TRT with DHEA supplementation
  311. Perscription
  312. TRT vs UGL
  313. First cycle expectations.
  314. anxiety on new dose
  315. Fertility on TRT
  316. Testosterone and DHEA question
  317. Noob.. just posting my protocol
  318. My TRT Experience
  319. What low Test symptoms have you experienced?
  320. protocol my old man has been on, 52 y/o, month 6. Beast now, but question at bottom
  321. Adding to trt Theropy.
  322. TRT and PCT?
  323. HRT inject 1 or 2 x week
  324. Thank GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  325. Holy Shit!!!
  326. Test at 750 a week
  327. Dr office TD !!!!
  328. TRT on Prop
  329. Pre-Cycle labs
  330. Natural Aromatase inhibitors ? Comments welcome
  331. TD from my Doc
  332. HCG script
  333. Indigestion/Nausea/Can't Eat - on TRT for a year please help!
  334. Sustanon 250
  335. Starting my TRT adventure, need some advice
  336. Rising prices of script
  337. TRT bloodwork #epic fail on my part
  338. What do you take with your TRT
  339. 32 years old, just found out I've got low t (145)....advice???
  340. Anyone on TRT from Kansas City?
  341. Jackpot!
  342. Blood donation
  343. Help- Bloodwork #s show very high cholesterol, plus he has Factor V Leiden
  344. Labs back and don't understand the results new to trt
  345. thyroid function on trt
  346. anyone pinning SubQ
  347. lipohypertrophy
  348. Test E or Sus
  349. anyones wives getting HRT
  350. TRT has given me my life back
  351. Just did pre cycle bloodwork
  352. Trt bloodwork while on cycle?
  353. What should I do next?
  354. Best AAS preworkout for football
  355. TRT Cost Without Insurance
  356. Calf pain
  357. New here and alread on T cypionate
  358. Just got pre cycle bloods done
  359. Doctors and Labcorp
  360. My middle aged labs
  361. The Patches Are Crap
  362. Starting TRT Soon, Confused About What to Choose
  363. Normalization of testosterone level is associated with reduced incidence of myocardia
  364. Where does your doctor like to see your numbers?
  365. New TRT place in SanFran
  366. I Need help beating HCG Sides
  367. why is hcg so hard to find domestic?
  368. TRT with Sustanon and HCG??
  369. Deca and lab results
  370. TRT with Clomid or Nolvadex to help keep fertility?
  371. anyones wife have low T?
  372. What’s a “Normal” Testosterone Level and How to Measure Your Test (How to get bloods)
  373. 2 questions about TRT test....
  374. Would you use AI for 250mg/ml sustanon
  375. How Long Until You See Effects?
  376. Stubborn Doctor...wont help with TRT
  377. Prescribed TRT (IM): How Long Have You Been On?
  378. Questions about TRT
  379. Self administered TRT
  380. low sex drive on trt with hcg. help!
  381. How long did it take for you to feel better on trt?
  382. Optimal Free T?
  383. Estrogen Question
  384. First time Clomid use for boosting Testosterone
  385. Cant get wife pregnant!!!
  386. Grapefruit and hematocrit
  387. Dim
  388. Did anyone had anxiety as Low testosterone symptom And did it improve after treatment
  389. How can normal test range have such a big range?
  390. Testosterone Price and how to get it lower
  391. labs came in high.
  392. Looks like I'll be a new TRT customer
  393. Test questions
  394. Accutane and joint health
  395. Cruise versus blast and cruise
  396. TRT Discussion - IRC channel! (Finally!)
  397. How long will the Test be good
  398. anyone get lower back pumps on TRT
  399. Aromasin vs Adex
  400. My doctor is being a bitch about prescribing me TRT
  401. How often are you guys donating
  402. TRT Labs: Once a Week vs Twice a Week Pins
  403. question about clomid w/ TRT
  404. TRT conclusions for me...
  405. Dose for casual/sporadic exercise?
  406. TRT and Supplement Alternatives Question
  407. PCT on TRT
  408. Can anyone reply, please, Like to see this Forum Active.
  409. Non TRT options...
  410. Libido crash - speculate!
  411. TRT and Supplement Alternatives Question
  412. Body Acne from High T
  413. Cool and trt
  414. I need some direction please. (Newbie Here)
  415. Lab
  416. My first self bleeding :)
  417. TRT help please
  418. Few questions
  419. Thinking about dropping my TRT doc
  420. The Process?
  421. 200mg of Test C 1000 total T
  422. Setting up my own trt plan
  423. Life is good
  424. Hcg on trt
  425. Trt bloodwork question
  426. Need some advice!!!
  427. HRT for women advice wanted
  428. Toremifene Causes Insomnia?
  429. Klinefelter Syndrome?
  430. Popped my cherry
  431. Blood work TSH levels
  432. Low White Blood Cell Count
  433. Dr wants early test, will my results be low enough?
  434. Benefits to going legal trt
  435. Passing the TRT test whilst on cycle!!
  436. Regaining Natural T after TRT w/ no hcg
  437. My doctor accidentally gave me 2 prescriptions. Can I fill them both?
  438. Recent blood work some things out of range.
  439. Safe to Stop Tor Cold-Turkey?
  440. Trt bloodwork/ blast dose
  441. Considering trt
  442. HCG and size
  443. Clomid results for TRT
  444. androgel or testim?
  445. Two points lower hematocrit
  446. Started TRT have a question about AI ?
  447. Trt help. Bloods. Current pro hormones
  448. TRT and Fat Consumption
  449. Sperm zero after 6 months off
  450. Trt first bloods in
  451. Low Libdo?
  452. Mast & TRT
  453. Nipro needles?
  454. Change to trt protocol
  455. I am 25 years old with low testostorone ( 450 Ng Dl only )
  456. DFW area members....needing a TRT source.
  457. Exogenous testosterone: a preventable cause of male infertility
  458. Severe Fatigue... Sex Hormones?
  459. Sudden shoulder acne breakout
  460. Trt bloods freq question
  461. Im apparently, over my Testosterone limit/levels.. lil help here please?
  462. Any ideas on this situation
  463. Hypothyroid/AF Causing Low T?
  464. Feeling miserable, low free test.
  465. Low free test.
  466. Started TRT and looking for some info on HCG HGH
  467. TRT Help - Low Estrogen But High Estrogen Symptons
  468. Paddock Test cyp
  469. Need a little help
  470. A question on blood work
  471. H-AS Pharma
  472. Young trt ?'s
  473. For Those on TRT...You must watch!!! Great Info!!!Educate Yourself!!!
  474. IGF, GH, brain injury help!
  475. Low iron saturation on 500mg cyp and 50mg anavar
  476. scared of starting trt
  477. Misdiagnosed as "Adult ADD" ; baseline labs -- starting TRT
  478. Trying private message labs
  479. primo and trt
  480. Need Help . TRT and E2
  481. Question about TRT and bloodwork
  482. Question about First Labs On TRT
  483. 200
  484. How Can I lower my Estrone (E1)?
  485. 15% off code private MD labs
  486. HCG for TRT
  487. Who all uses aromasin on trt
  488. TRT dose just got upped today
  489. Question?
  490. Converting Total T?
  491. TRT Clinics
  492. What is low?
  493. 5 weeks on trt
  494. Anyone try sub-q test injections
  495. Is it worth it?
  496. Self prescribed TRT
  497. TRT and high body fat %
  498. First time on TRT. Check me over!
  499. 24 Just got on TRT, 224 Total Testosterone Level
  500. DHEA and Pregnenlone
  501. 25 yo with low test - advice sought
  502. Need advice on bloodwork, and doctor recommendations.What do I do?
  503. TRT treatment for lower T due to "normal aging" Dr.s do not want to be sued
  504. OptimalHealthMD.com????
  505. Made the jump!
  506. Finally!
  507. bloodwork advice
  508. first injection
  509. Defy Medical and Primebody
  510. AAI rejuvenation trt clinic
  511. Wouldn't it be a good idea to include interactions on one page?
  512. 24 yo with low t considering Testosternone replacement therapy
  513. Side effects
  514. TRT with Sustanon 250
  515. Oral Test alternative
  516. TRT, Doc question
  517. Blood Testing
  518. TRT or PCT
  519. Is Mast safe for TRT?
  520. Testosterone Replacement Therapy questions.... :)
  521. Dosage question
  522. Put on TRT, but questioning doctors decision
  523. TRT as a "Gateway Drug"?
  524. Blood work results
  525. Switch from Cyp to Sust advice
  526. TRT dosages?
  527. Selecting the Right Physician
  528. TRT Clinic Management questions...
  529. Test cyp
  530. Father On Test E !
  531. Fertility on cycle
  532. First Pin...
  533. Trt and an AI
  534. TT 210 and dropping
  535. Gains on trt protocol?
  536. Newbie blood work, guidance needed please...
  537. Doctor just prescribed Test Syp 200mg 1x a month
  538. Missing a pin and long term trt question
  539. Where should I pin next?
  540. Progress pics - 1 year of TRT, eating healthy, and lifting
  541. TRT Success and Next Steps
  542. Do other steroids show up or interfere with testosterone lab test?
  543. TRT is kicking in and symptom questions...
  544. TRT Without a Doctor
  545. Awesome.
  546. Slin Pins...
  547. Should I pick up some additional Anastrozole?
  548. How do you guys dispose of sharps?
  549. TRT question
  550. do you run anything else along with your TRT
  551. What's your thoughts on running a low dose 350 to 400m test year round
  552. Lab Results
  553. need some help and advice.
  554. T replacement problems
  555. TRT for 9 weeks, TT still low?
  556. Cycle on TRT? Anyone
  557. Testosterone Replacement Therapy May Protect Against Stroke, Heart Attack...
  558. " Legend " -- Summer Promotion! Get free samples!!! On 14th, July to 25th, August
  559. What to add to TRT
  560. Need some quick advice about possible TRT/surprise blood test
  561. Is PCT helpful for someone permanently on HRT?
  562. TRT + Cardiac Infarction
  563. Question for everyone
  564. High hemoglobin/hematocrit
  565. Entourage Hormones
  566. Contest Time!!! Free Trial .
  567. Why choose Entourage Hormones?
  568. question for everyone
  569. Looking for recommendations for TRT doc in LA
  570. TRT doc in denver/colorado springs
  571. Mast
  572. Improved blood work
  573. Low T Miserable/Please Help
  574. Hey guys, need opinion on this
  575. Need help with blood donation...getting my levels down by allowing me to donate.
  576. Some Great Benefits of Testosterone Treatment
  577. Lee Priest and Testosterone Replacement Therapy
  578. trt after blast
  579. TRT Treatment in Men
  580. New TRT Doc, wants bloods after 1st 8 weeks...How long should I stop pinning before?
  581. Just Prescribed Testosterone at 18, Need Advice and Thoughts
  582. Stacking other prods when on TRT?
  583. New guy need opinions
  584. Labcorp's new test ranges
  585. Question for the Doc-DECA
  586. TRT and water retention question...
  587. DHT Cream in the US? Can I get with a Prescription?
  588. Clomid Question
  589. Just had my follow up TRT bloodwork
  590. Increased Libido
  591. Test for noobs
  592. Adding in Mk677
  593. How to make a slight change for my body
  594. AI side effect
  595. Michigan Dr
  596. TRT dose and T levels advice.....
  597. Need some input on cylce
  598. dr switched from test e to sust250
  599. FREE care for our US VETERANS
  600. Need a new doc
  601. Prolactin 34.5 how to get caber prescribed?
  602. OTC Diuretic
  603. TRT Docs in Arizona
  604. Caber with trt
  605. Second U.S. jury finds AbbVie misrepresented risks of AndroGel
  606. Very Late PCT! HELP
  607. Kaiser & TRT
  608. TRT and DECA
  609. Question
  610. I made a mistake. Need help!
  611. Shot E2W?
  612. How to predict your TESTOSTERONE levels better than your physician can (male TRT)
  613. Do I increase my HCG if want to increase my Test C
  614. Thyroid removed due to cancer. Libido and ED issues
  615. Androderm patches not working
  616. Thinking about TrT...
  617. TRT and accutane
  618. Lab results---thoughts and insights please
  619. TRT script
  620. Low Serum T & CV Disease
  621. Need some help
  622. On TRT and want to do Anavar with it?
  623. TRT with Tren and winstrol
  624. 37 years on Test Cyp and suddenly sore nipples.
  625. TRT - Sexual Function & QOL
  626. Purposely Lowering Your T Levels
  627. Need to find Dr Richmond Va
  628. Only 19% of Hypogonadal Men in the UK are on TRT
  629. Best way for me to start TRT?
  630. How long have you been on TRT
  631. My terrible luck
  632. Therapeutic phlebotomy
  633. Got my 90 day labs , wow my T is >1500
  634. TRT - Blast and Cruise - Need Help!
  635. Trt/endocrinologist in Massachusetts
  636. Good labs 2 month's ago but now?
  637. Looking for sarms
  638. If I have decent test levels....
  639. Starting TRT Questions
  640. Update——found endo who actually listened
  641. nolvadex help please
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  696. Stuck around 300
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