National Popular Vote Interstate Compact -- passes Virginia house...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milford King View Post
    Count 3/5 of enslaved people for what? As citizens? To get more federal funding or to create more voting power for the south?

    I’m trying to link the electoral college to racism in my head and just can’t connect the dots.... I am pretty tired tho.

    so the United States is racist and that’s why we have to get rid of the electoral college so the baby murdering, child molesting, vegan Hollywood/D.C elite can finally destroy the United States and sent conservative Christians back to Europe once and for all?

    Am i close? Lol
    Here you go...

    US Constitution -- Article 1, Section 2, paragraph 3:

    "Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers, which shall be determined by adding to the whole Number of free Persons, including those bound to Service for a Term of Years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three fifths of all other Persons."

    The "other persons" are slaves. The Electoral College's main purpose was to allow for this representation scheme as a compromise between slave-holding and free states. The 3/5 accounting only changed with the 14th amendment after the Civil War.

    More background:

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    National Popular Vote Interstate Compact -- passes Virginia house...

    The popular vote would be the sum total of the whole country??

    In a crazy way, I would be on board. Bc right now, in my libertard state, my vote counts for shit.

    And I think conservatives in my state sit home bc they know it won’t matter...

    Should some votes matter more?? I am well educated paying well over 300k in taxes... should some ignorant fuck who contributes nothing have the same voting power as me??

    I pay probably pay more taxes then many combined.

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    DHS investigation is ongoing for 2 years now? There have been rumors suggesting that they believe 7-10million illegal aliens voted for HRC.

    So if they prevent that from happening again, should be beyond a sweep. That's the real foreign election interference that happened front and center and barely anyone is speaking out about it.

    Oh yeah and I just read Seth Rich's family and Investigators are now asking Julian Assange to testify (so far the Judge in the case who is a Podesta friend has denied the request), now that it has surfaced that the FBI hid and lied about details of the Seth Rich murder investigation. Big surprise there.

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    Conservative Republicans are out numbered in this country by far.

    you got illegals voting, drug addict felons voting, ‘woke’ lefties voting, commi/socialists voting, the youth in general
    will traditional vote democrat, Muslims (somehow in this country will vote left even tho there ‘culture’ is further right than the’far right’.

    the constitution is not safe if this goes through, and if any of you Americans believe this nation is the greatest nation on earth, then the constitution must mean enough to you that it is worth protecting.

    this is just a step in the ‘take over’ agenda of the left. Trust me, I live in NY. I’ve relied on the Bible Belt, Texas, the dakotas, Florida retirees and the Midwest voters to prevent the retardation and degradation of this country since I was able to vote. Never once, in my voting history, did my vote count nor did whom I vote for get elected. But I still see the failures in this system being much better than the failures in a system that allows serious outside influence as well as voter fraud to dictate the direction my nation goes.

    this will be one of many things that turns the US into a shithole. At least then, If it is a shithole, mother fuckers wouldn’t be clawing and crawling there way in for hand outs. No freebies will be available at that point.

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