First forum log ever... 16 week log..

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    Wuddup ASF... i kno i been slackin this pass week or two on postin..but after postin for just people to lurk, whats the point, got over 9k views on here, so i guess people must be interested anyways, bout my lil journey/logg. What can i say, this cycle had surpassed my whole body transformed, and not only my body but also my strength!!!..i been pinnin Gearch superdrol everyday and im on my last few days, and last week on my cycle with the test. One thing i must say is GC Inj Superdrol is legit af!!! I was kinda skeptical at first bcuz i kno people hella be hyping shit up for free shit or to be sponsored or what not, but nope!!!..inj SD is a must try for those lookin to beast up, i thought Tren was the king, but idk...i gotta say Inj SD takes the trophey. I never ran Tren Ace before, so i cant say it beats Tren A,...but for sure better than Tren E... this will have u blow up fast nd break PRs like nothing in just weeks.. only major downside is this shit makes you lazy/lethargic and sleepy af!!!.. nd im talkin bout like wanting to take a nap everyday kinda lethargic. Im already lowkey thinking about my next cycle come October..NPP for the first 6 weeks and running 2 bottles of Inj SD for the last 6 weeks..making it a 12 week more than curious to the results frm that cycle.. well this pretty much sums up my log/cycle..i might post again once i wrap it up and start stay tuned..yall be koo and stay blessed and continue gettin that moneyClick image for larger version. 

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    You’re alive! Thought we lost you. Inject SD is treating you good huh!

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