Ok. So Iíve brewed test e before. Never had this problem. Got a new batch from a new supplier. Mixed my ba and bb and mct oil. Last time I didnít even use any bb and didnít have a problem. But during the brew I still had tiny little grains floating around in the oil. I heated it to 200f and they were still there. I finally said hell with it and decided to go ahead and filter. Once filtered it was g2g and is holding fine in solution at 4 days now. My question is has anyone else had this problem? I brewed their pre mix sust powder same day and had no floaters. You guys think Iím good? Just some minor impurities in the compound? Like I said there wasnít many flakes. But enough to make me curious. I havenít had it tested. It smells and seems just like any other test e powder Iíve got. And the source is pretty well respected on here.