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Im looking at going on a 12 week cycle of Testosterone cypionate Ive been lifting for a few years I really just want to do one cycle to pack on 20-30 pounds then be done with it. my question is if anyone has a simple Testosterone only cycle Ive been researching online and most ive seen recommends 4 or 5 different anti estrogens,peptids, HCG...... I just want a simple cycle of 500mg Test a week with a good anti estrigen and want to do a good PTC to keep my gains and not grow tits.
Don't take this the wrong way but don't be so full of yourself..
All you want to do is put on 20 or 30 lb and be done?
if you put on that much weight in that time frame you can guarantee it's probably going to look pretty sloppy. Those numbers are not realistic.
If someone put on 6-13lbs after 12 weeks I would consider that a very successful cycle..
It's about quality not quantity..
I would focus on trying to get LBM, and take it from there.
I've been down that road where I have exploded, and I've been down the road where I've worked on quality and density, they are two different appearances and only one of them is quality.. forget about the scale and get the numbers out of your head.
Get on the grind and earn your time everything else will follow suit..