9 reasons to take Creatine Year Round...

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    9 reasons to take Creatine Year Round...

    • 9 Scientifically Proven Reasons to Take Creatine Year Round

      Today, 11:38 PM

      1. Creatine decreases myostatin and increases muscle IGF-1
      2. Creatine raises resting testosterone levels and reduces cortisol levels
      3. Creatine decreases muscle fiber damage and soreness
      4. Creatine monohydrate produces similar strength increases as creatine nitrate and creatine HCL
      5. Creatine increases the replacement of glycogen
      6. 2 grams of creatine will cause no water retention or weight gain
      7. Creatine is more beneficial when taken after working out
      8. Creatine has anti-aging properties
      9. Creatine works well with caffeine and beta alanine


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    Hard to beat creatine. Lots of quality studies on the stuff

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