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Test cyp/ prop/ Npp/ dbol 8-9’week cycle

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    Test cyp/ prop/ Npp/ dbol 8-9’week cycle

    Ok.. here it goes.

    On trt for 2 years. 37yrs young. Been at this for a bit. Haven’t really blasted in a while. I have 3months between dr visits with trt so any blasting is prop added to my trt and oral. Man dbol didn’t really do it for me. Not sure if anyone ever took ironmags msten back in the day but that shit was powerful. Dbol I wasn’t impressed with at all even at 75mg, source was solid but who knows. Back pumps and all that so at least it was dbol to say the least.

    So feeling some pple out. If you wanna chime in I’m all ears.

    So as I stated, trt visits for labs are like a month. So everything is a quick blast. 37 years old and 200 bbls. 5’8”. Want to add size. Why.. cuz I want to. It’s fun and I like it.

    Thought about running

    Test E - 200mg weekly

    For 4-6 weeks
    Dbol or Adrol - dosing I’m not sure on anymore

    For 8-9 weeks
    Test P - 100mg X 3 times a week
    NPP 100 - e3d (300 weekly)

    No pct as I’m on TRT and I have plenty of arimidex/ anastrozole from the doc. Liver support always.

    Any thoughts? Was thinking maybe I should drop either oral or Npp. Either way I have to stop at least 3 weeks from my labs. I didn’t think either dose for oral or Npp was high. I’ve taken 100mg of before. Just bloated and back pumps were bothersome. Npp I ran at 300mg a week before but I actually think I should have ran higher.

    anyway... just a rough draft... hasn’t posted here in a while so figured I’d throw that out there.

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    sounds like you got a good grasp on things with the limited time you have to work with, if you werent happy with what you got out of Dbol, ya give A-bombs a try, I dont think you will be disappointed. Anadrol is usually dosed at 50mg and personally I think you will be happy with just 50 mg a day but if you wanna push things you could go up to 75-100mg but I really dont think that will be needed. NPP great compound, short blast like your shooting for you may wanna up that dose (450 a week) if size is what your after, just my 2 cents. Only reason I say that is you are limited on time and size is your main goal.. good luck

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    I’d run the npp higher I like it around 500-600mg it really shines there for me. The test I’d bump a hair depending on the npp dose I always like test higher than npp or deca. If your not into the dbol then maybe try and check out tbol. It’s a drier version of dbol.

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