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Insuligen at a glance…

  • The Industry’s 1st Muscle-Building Glucose Disposal Agent (GDA)
  • Increases Insulin Levels 800% More than the Competition
  • Stimulates Muscle Tissue Specific Glucose Transport
  • Improves Nutrient Absorption
  • Doesn’t Suppress Protein Synthesis via Excessive AMPK Activation (like virtually every other GDA on the market today)
  • Initiates Fat Loss via Increased Lipolysis
  • Prevents Fat Gain via the Inhibition of Lipogenesis


Extreme Vasodilatory and Muscle Volumizing Matrix

  • • The Most Effective Product in its Class
  • • Provides Incredible Muscle Pumps, Dramatic Increases in Muscle Fullness, and Road-Map Vascularity that Lasts for Hours After Leaving the Gym
  • • Works through Multiple Pathways (e.g. nitric oxide elevation, plasma expansion, and intracellular volumization)to Produce the Best Results Possible
  • • Contains Over 25 Grams of Active Ingredients per Serving—The Most of any Pump Product on the Market
  • • Contains 5Grams of HydroMax per Serving—2-3X the Industry Average
  • • Boosts Muscle Strength, Power Output, and Muscular Endurance
  • • Increases Amino Acid Uptake and Overall Nutrient Delivery to Working Muscles
  • • Inhibits Protein Breakdown and Increases Protein Synthesis via Cell Swelling
  • • Reduces Myostatin Levels
  • • Stimulant-Free