My wife is 40 years old now. Weíve been together for 20 years. She has never really trained in or out of the gym. I have always promised her that once she crosses 40 that she can start AS. She has always been relatively lean. Lately, last few years, she has put on unwanted weight in body fat. She was diagnosed with MS 9 years ago. She got very ill on 2 separate spells over the last two years during which she was basically bedridden for about 3-4 months both times. That seemed to really put the weight on. She was just unable to be active at all. Now, 6 months after an advancement in her medication, sheís doing much better and ready to get her figure back. She started clen last week. She was going to run the clen 2 wks, on 2 wks off. I just read in a thread in this forum that people are running clen longer now days. Any solid advice on that is welcome. I was going to have her pyramid up to about 160 mcg (so long as she didnít get headachy and/or too shaky) then back down again in 2 wk intervals. 2 on/ 2 off.
She is ready to start some test supplementation. It will be test enan that I start her with. What is a good dose for a female newby thatís 40 years old. 4í11Ē 120lbs?
Also, I read that females are doing subq. Why?