Okay so quick update.

219 this morning for some reason. Didnt sleep well so I think it's just water retention from stress (I bloat like a pregnant cow when I'm stressed)

Waking BP 130/77 (probably from the sudden water retention)

Shoulder day. Still beat up as fuck from Friday.

DB Lateral Raise: 25x4x15
Behind the Neck Press: 115x3x12 115x6 dropset 956
Landmine Viking Press (2 barbells so really worked on stabilizers) 50x2x12 75x4 50x12 dropset 25x24
Bent Over DB Rear Raise: 15x5x20
DB Shrugs: 60x5x20
DUR: 25x4x15

Had a pretty good pump going..tried to snag a photo with the shitty bathroom lighting.

Good thing about having a private gym is i can walk into the office and heat up my food. Was fucking starving. These 6pack containers are nice because they make sure I dont gorge myself but its frustrating as fuck that it barely holds 8oz of chicken and a cup of rice.

Contemplating stopping this log entirely as I have been chosen to log Anavar by one of the newer sponsors here. I'll know more in the next day or 2

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