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Blood Work Is In - Please Advise - Something really wrong with my balkan cyp!

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    Blood Work Is In - Please Advise - Something really wrong with my balkan cyp!

    Original thread here

    Been taking tesotsterone enanthate 200mg every week for about a year for TRT. Switched to Balkan Pharma test cyp and increased it to 300mg every week about 5 weeks ago to help build some quick mass!

    Been feeling short of breathe. Dizzy, Disorientated and getting pain in my ankles/calves when walking. Also had an acne break out.

    Got my blood results back today from venous sample and fuck me.... These don't look good!

    I'll list the problematic values here but have uploaded pics of the full blood results.

    LDL 3.21
    Testosterone 94.50 nmol/L
    SHBG 11 nmol/L
    Free Testosterone 3.530 nmol/L
    Prolactin 455 Mu/L
    Oestradiol 142

    TSH 100
    Free T4 6.41

    Seems like my thyroid has gone worse again. Was stable with TSH below 1 on the 50mcg levothyroxine a year ago.
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