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Thread: CUTTING Cycle

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    CUTTING Cycle

    Hello everyone! CRAZY DOSER is here! Today I would like to go further on cutting cycle topic. Personally, I like to use as much pharm. support as I can. Why you may ask. Simple, it allows achieving your goal with maximum efficiency.

    With introduction is out the way letís look at cutting in general. First and foremost: what does "Cutting" word mean? It means - to decrease the subcutaneous fat and visceral fat tissue as much as you can. Put it simply - maximum reduction of adipose tissue amount.

    So how do we do this? First, we need to accelerate the metabolism. What hormone is responsible for that? One of the active forms of thyroid hormone in the body is triiodothyronine (T3). Add it in the first week 25 mcg in the morning after breakfast. Starting from second increase to 2 times 25 mcg per day. From the third week 3 times a day 25 mcg.

    Now itís time to talk about fat burners. Better to pick those that contain EPHEDRINE and its structural analogues. The dose for ephedrine is 25-50mg, 2-3 times a day. Always remember not to take it in the evening; otherwise, you wonít be able to sleep as it can screw your CNS pretty bad.

    If EPHEDRINE is not your cup of tea, use CLENBUTEROL instead. Dose for men is 100-160 mcg/day, for women 60-100mcg/day. Better, to start with small doses of 40 mcg/day and add 20mcg per day, like day one Ė 40mcg, day two Ė 60mcg, etc. You can combine it with PANANGIN (a cardio protector that will guard your heart from possible mild side effects from CLENBUTEROL use).

    CRAZY DOSER trivia: Usually each tab of CLENBUTEROL contained 20-40 mcg. For example, new batches of CLENBUTEROL from Balkan contain 40 mcg tablets. Old batches contained two variants: 20 mcg and 40 mcg.

    These various dosages is a very important moment! Keep your eyes open, try to avoid mistakes in usage.

    You can buy CLENBUTEROL from various manufacturers in our store! BUY CLENBUTEROL HERE

    Ladies and gentlemen! It is time for the main dish! This is what we have in menu:

    1. TESTOSTERONE PROPIONATE 300-500 mg/wk

    2. STANOZOLOL in tablets 30-40 mg/day

    3. PROVIRON 2 tablets, 50 mg/day in the morning and at lunch

    4. MASTERON 3-4 times a week, 100mg

    5. TRENBOLONE ACETATE 3 times a week, 75-100 mg.

    6. rDNA HGH 4-5 IU per day

    7. ANASTROZOL (ARIMIDEX) if your E2 level increase.

    Tips: Stop using TREN A by the end of 3rd week and replace it with MASTERON on the 4th week. Usually users start ANASTROZOL by the end of 3rd week.

    Thatís how we go up to 8th week. Do not forget about cardio in the morning on an empty stomach 35-45 minutes. Keep your nutrition on track. Control carbohydrates, make sure that there is enough fat (omega 3 is perfect). Drink plenty of clean water, 2-3 liters per day (not liquids such as coffee and juices). Use more fiber (vegetables) in your diet.

    Conclusion: What is the point of this cycle and such compound kit? This cycle is not suited for slow and long entrance. It all about right of the bat, to start as soon as possible with maximum efficiency and at the same having control over side effects. Always remember to keep your health in check and make blood work regularly if you donít want to be as blind as newborn kitten.

    All of the compounds necessary for the cutting cycle you can always find in our store.

    Stay tuned for more.

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    Epic post Thx!

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