5g of gear precontest !?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ordawg1 View Post
    I would love to see his bloods - especially his liver which I am betting is in sad shape -OD
    he shares them in his video everything is in range. Supposedly he has a legit supplier which I really donít doubt considering heís been using aas for quite some time and trains at golds Venice. Heís also friends with some bodybuilders and was friends with the late rich piana. Young guys can get away with crazy stuff like this but it wonít last

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    Quote Originally Posted by malfeasance View Post
    That's a lot of tren. I ran 700 mg for a while. Combined with hgh and a little test it made a big difference, but it's tough to stay on tren that high for that long. At 300 or so, I can run it a long time. I haven't tried it with high test and Winnie like you did, which is why I was curious.
    U should try. Winnie at the end made huuge difference. And high test work good as well. But try to go with prop and acetate

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    If you have shit genetics even running 5 grams will matter fuck all

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