Any Ed Corney fans here at ASF?
I've always liked the fact that he was a regular Joe that got in the game as a grown man. Arnie started really young and alot do. But this late bloomer still made an impact. I remember first seeing him in pumping Iron and thinking holy shit. His pose.. I had to keep Rewinding.
Clearly Mrs stink thought I was queer for Ed. But even Arnold had that fuckin look. Like.... Are You seeing this shit. At that point. Arnie confirmed it. Ed corney is bad fuckin ass. I'd suddenly found myself watching every YouTube video I could find on this dude.
And let me tell ya. It's some sensual shit at times. Fuckin guy poses to some geh ass Michael Bolton or something... But yet. I kept watching.
How bout you guys.
Any good old school bb vids u guys can recommend?