Setting aside whether or not you agree with his political views, can we at least all agree heís a moron?

Ask him about literally anything, he has one stock response:

ďI want a great ___________. We are working on it, itís beautiful; weíre going to have the best __________ ever. Itís gonna be huge.Ē

Just fill in the blank with any noun. He. Has. No. Fucking. Idea. What. Heís. Talking. About.

Honestly, those of you who voted for Trump, if you said ďyes, Trumpís a tree stump but I donít care; I wouldíve voted for a turtle if I thought it would accomplish this or that.Ē At least I could respect that you have priorities.

If you can listen to Trump talk for five minutes and not realize heís talking straight out of his ass, I donít know what to tell you. It doesnít matter the topic. Just listen to how he talks. Does he sound like an intelligent person? Or does he sound like heís bullshitting his way through everything 100% of the time?

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