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    [QUOTE=Killionb12;1493137]Any updates on IGF

    I am finishing up a kit of blues and a kit of blacks. I am schedule to get lab work at the end of May. I have 4 kits of Genos inbound, so it looks like I will be running them when I get labs.

    I have been running blues/blacks from Bones for a bit now and I can say that my hands have gotten numb. I am running 5 iu's 2 on one off. Will buy again if the price stays down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lifter6973 View Post
    Would be nice... I think PC may have just left the forum although that would surprise me because he didnt seem to care if people gave him a hard time."

    Correct. What other people say or think of me is none of my business. Not giving a fuck gives a person great power. Does the boot quarrel with the ant? People give me a hard time because they are jealous. The whole time they are allowing me to rent space in their head which only hurts them. I tend to only remember people who have actually accomplished something (like competing).

    I can't even remember the names of people who "gave me a hard time." Carrying resentments is like making a poison to give to a person you hate....and then drinking it yourself.
    you a friend of bill w?

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