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    Giant labs HGH

    Was able to get in on the half off HGH deal a few weeks ago and haven't had a chance to leave some feedback on the forum yet. This is my first time running growth so I'm sort of easing into the doses. I'm currently up to 2iu a day taken upon waking before cardio. I plan to get up to around 4iu and stay in that range throughout as I don't plan on cycling on/off with the exception of an occasional break. The overall order was pretty simple and straight foreword. Communication was spot on as my order was delayed in shipping and he alerted me immediately that he had delayed shipping. Don't mind that sort of thing as long as I get that heads up. Lightening quick TD. I don't have any bloods yet as I have some scheduled at the first of the year with my Doc and will try and get it done at the same time. But having said that, I have had some of the usual signs of what you would expect from growth. At 1iu daily my sleep seemed to improve. I have a super hard time falling asleep nightly and that wasn't the case with this growth. I would fall asleep quickly and pretty deeply. After bumping up to 2iu I noticed a slight increase in appetite. Not too sure if that's due to the growth since this is my first time using but I normally don't have a big appetite. The growth being the only difference in my normal routine. Hopefully after the first if the year I will have some blood work to help back up what I seem to feel and that this growth is legit and good to go!! Big shout out to Giant Lab for the generous opportunity. Been on the fence about adding growth and getting this deal helped me make that leap.
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