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Follow up:
After barely two weeks the guy is calling to ask when she can increase dosage?!?
I tell him 50mg is on the upper scale as is 20mg anavar. Sooo reckless with other people's bodies.
I just found out another BIKINI competitor is actually using Test!!!!

I got this guy two vials of Tren e. I asked him if the dude has used Tren before as the long ester will be a bitch if he gets unexpected (rather, expected) sides. He says "yes". Then he ask me how much arimidex he should use with Tren. "None" I say. Because you don't need it with Tren BUT you should never use Tren without Test. "I no make the cycle, patient just request stuff."

Third world anabolic problems. Lol, er, jajajaja
My wife is prescribed test so why do you think a girl can't take test?