Light test e anavar cycle. Advice please

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    If he he is gyno prone then why not run Nolvadex just in case of gyno? Why do you need something extremely strong such as a Arimidex?
    And why stack Anavar with 200mg of test? Why not run Anavar alone to avoid any potential sides?
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    I would personally just keep the dex on hand unless your gyno prone. 8 wk is a little short while running test e I would go 12 wks on this cycle. 200 is a maintenance dose but if you get results then good for you not getting greedy and running more.
    If you have any questions please dont hesitate to e-mail me at:

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    Nolvadex is a serm ment to be used in pct. If he is gyno prone I'd go with aromasin it's stronger and lots of people do better on it. But honestly gear is not what he needs I offered to help him thru everything but I don't think it is what he is looking for.
    Pm me bro if your afraid to post it on the open forum I will help you with your diet training. Gear if needed so atleast you will be educated about gear b4 doing anything

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    And you don't rim anavar alone pls pm me bro I'll get u squared away

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