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Testosterone Cycle and low T Help!

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    Testosterone Cycle and low T Help!

    I was diagnosed with low T a few weeks back and put on TRT gel
    I got retested 2 weeks back then started a cycle of 500mg test cyp and 50mg winny

    My dr just called and said my test levels were now 762 and they want them down to 500 and so another retest in 4-6 weeks

    So my question is how long would it take me off the cycle to get my levels down? I can't risk a high test level in the bloodwork.

    Pinning 500mg test cyp a week will proly put my levels at 3k!

    So I'm thinking I need to stop the test cyp now?
    But I don't wanna get off cycle...
    Can I still take the winny or will it elevate my test levels?
    What juice can I use that won't blow my blood test up?

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    Your test is go down because your body stopped to produce test by itself. Suppose your body produce 100 mg and receive 500mg from outside. After some time your body system became depressed.
    So diagnosis fixed only test obtained from outside
    You should not leave the cycle, just slightly reduce the dose.
    my suggestion add 2 tablets of dbol in a day.

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