I am going to start a Test E cycle at 500 mg a week for about 12 to 14 weeks with T-bol for the first 6 weeks. I'm not using the t-bol as a kickstart per say but mostly because it will enhance the testosterone usage more than anything else because it allows more free unbounded testosterone. I am going to stack with Cardarine which is known as the ultimate SARM and huge for endurance and fat loss, along with it being non catabolic where you can keep your lean gains. It can be used while cutting and bulking and isn't liver toxic. I am also going to take Nutrobol which is a growth hormone and will increase IGF-1 levels dramatically. I have nolva and arimidex on hand.

I'm 6' 180 lb with 17% bf. I can get the bf down a few more % points in a couple weeks, im no hurry to cycle. I just got done with exams and im free for the rest of the year since ill be interning so I got time to take this cycle on completely in all facets... diet, time in the gym etc.

Any tips or anyone familar with Cardarine and Nutrobal and what about andarine? Should I get that too? I've never taken them before but I've done plenty of research and I feel they will accentuate my cycle tremendously.

Cheers guys

Btw, I've been a lurker for years but i had to register and post a thread before I do this.