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Tell us your blend wish or favorite blend and EP just may produce it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by heymrwaters View Post
    Test Ace/ Tren Ace/ Trest Ace
    75mg of each would be cool.
    Quote Originally Posted by Vision View Post

    this stuff will ruin your day.. man, its just awful.. I'd rather take T400 Denkall right in the quad before I touch bold ace

    its funny to still hear stories about this stuff. It was properly dosed Iím sure but looking back at it now honestly it was just poorly brewed, properly dosed gear. Their no reason test e 400 should be that painful. Dragon pharmas test e 400 was pip free for me. I still have one vial left of it. I also have a couple bottles of test e I got from a friend that he brewed at 400mg. The actual mg per ml is 433mg per ml after sending it to chem tox to be tested and itís also pip free. I pinned 1.5ml of it about a year ago before I went out of town and didnít feel a thing.

    in Mexico they still sell in pharmacies a version of testosterone called testoprim d. Itís 200mg of test e and 50mg test p. It is absolutely brutal to inject lol I would say the pip is on par if not worst that the test e 400.

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    Tell us your blend wish or favorite blend and EP just may produce it!

    Npp/Tpp 100/100
    Tren Hex/test Caproate 75/150


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    Test p, mast p, tren ace, npp, eq

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