Hi everyone,

This is my first post on this forum. After a few weeks of extensive research on testosterone supplementation, I have made the decision to run my first cycle. This cycle will only consist of Test E, at 500mg split into two doses each week, for eight weeks. Followed by PCT for a month at the least. I understand that correct post cycle therapy is as important as the cycle itself, and so it would be great if you guys could tell me what you think about my post cycle therapy, the supplements in particular:

Training during pct:
- will focus on heavy compound lifts, to try and maintain strength.
- will hit each muscle group only once a week so allow more recovery
- volume slightly reduced
- lots of rest

Food Intake
- of course, i will be keeping my food intake high to preserve the gains, and keeping all nutrients in check.

The supplements that I will be taking over the course of my pct will be:
- 100mg clomid daily, which will be reduced after 2 weeks
- 40mg Nolvadex daily, which will be reduced after 2 weeks
- 5 grams of Creatine daily (taken year round)
- ZMA (zinc and magnesium)
- fish oil pills
- D - Aspartic acid
- Tribulus
- Milk thistle
- Multivitamins (vitamins B,D,K in particular)
- I also have finasteride and aromasin on-hand in case it is needed.

Although it might not be relevant in this case, I am turning 21 years old, and weigh 180kg.

Would be great if you guys could comment on my PCT plan. Whether you think it's shit or great, doesn't matter, any replies are appreciated.