Got my labs back E2 146!!!!

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    Got my labs back E2 146!!!!

    Just got my midway cycle labs and holy crap my estradiol came back at 146....been using researchstops aromasin at 12.5 ed....feel bloated but no signs or symptoms of gyno...thats why I thought everything was okay.

    Im currently running
    50 mg dbol ed
    Test e 700 week
    Deca 400. Week
    Hcg .500 twice a week
    .50 prami ed

    Just picked up aculieus labs aromasin and I guess I should run that at 25mg ED??? Any thoughts?

    Also a little concerned my ldl came back at 117 and hdl was only at 15. I know when on cycle it messes up cholesteeol but is this normal? Im taking my regular fish oil supplements and flax but is there something else I should be doing?

    Thanks and any and all input is appreciated.

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    Yes, your Aromasin dose is obviously too low. Dose 12.5mg every 12 hours since aromasin has such a short half life in males.

    Add more fiber to your diet and avoid bad fats brother.

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