4 week on 4 week off test prop cycle

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    Just want to let all you know that I got my bp in check! First off I think the gear I was using was overdosed (doesn't sound like a bad gig but whatever), or something with the gear was off bc I've switched labs and bp is under control.. Even with caffeine I've been alright.. I have been doing 45 minutes of cardio every morning.. Anyway thanks you guys for the concerned/helpful posts.. Im all good and rollin right along! Much appreciated!

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    Nolva has a life life of like 6 days or something like that. You would have to look that up. It would make sense to use prop and then start the nolva right afterwards, but when you start the prop back up again, you are still clearing the SERM. This may throw a kink in there somewhere. You might have to look into that.

    I'm with the other guys on this; cruising on a low dose as a bridge. You could make it work using a long and short ester if you wanted too, but it might be more of a pain in the ass than anything. You could run your bridge or cruise dose on the long ester and blast with the prop. Just use as much prop as you need and if you develop issues, you can discontinue the prop considering it clears quickly. The short cycles sound like a pain in the ass.

    Where is that idiot who was talking about not jerking off for his short cycles to keep his nuts big. I'm surprised he isn't all over this right now.
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