Hello everyone, first post ever so please forgive me if I do something wrong. I need your expert opinion on how to add Tren-E (200mg/ml) to my current Test 402 (Im trying to remember off my head, bottles not in front of me: 134mg/ml Test Propionate , 134mg/ml Test Enanthate, 134mg/ml Test Cypionate) cycle. This is my first injection cycle and I have been running Test 402 for 8 weeks so far, jabbing 1ml every Monday and Thursday (switching cheeks) and its been okay so far but I finally got my hands on Tren-E and want to add it to this cycle. I was actually trying to get Tren-A but it wasn't available so I went with Tren-E. I will be running Test for a total of 15 weeks (3 bottles of 10ml each) so Im half way so far. Im taking 25mg Aromasin EOD to prevent gyno (no signs yet), started this at 6 weeks in. Also running AI Sports Nutrition cycle Support throughout the cycle too. My diet is pretty on point, eating between 3k-5k Calories, 200+ Protein, 400+ Carbs and keeping fat low. My weight has not fluctuated any (216-220), nor has my body fat (18%-19%) and BMI (31-32) which is weird but my size has increased, strength is through the roof but I want more size. I work out 5 days a week, off on injection days. Im lifting heavy, 4 sets, 6-8 reps each set, 5 different workouts. Every week, I push my self to do another rep more than the last week to test my strength (example: this week on flat bench, put up 3 plates/side 4 times, next week will push for 5 times). I do no cardio, drink about a gallon of water a day, not bloated either. I have read that test/tren cycles vary by person, some do more test than tren or visa versa. Im thinking of running 804mg Test and 400mg of Tren weekly (402mg/1ml Test, 200mg/1ml Tren per jab, Mondays and Thursdays) and see how it goes but thats what I need opinions for. I ran blood work 2 weeks before I started this cycle and all was clear, no flags. I can get any PCT I want so PCT is not an issue but I will take opinions on what PCT to use for this cycle as well. Only sides I would say so far is Im hot at all times and sweat like crazy at the gym (used to sweat during sleep, but this has stopped), maybe a small effect on libido but overall, Im good.

cycle history:
1 year ago:
I don't remember how I stacked them all together but I was on Test pills (25mg) 3 a day with Tren pills and an Estrogen blocker for 30 days, then used Clomid for PCT and ran AI Sports Nutrition cycle Support and AEGIS Liver Support throughout the cycle. Had good gains, put on 30 pounds (muscle and fat) but was eating about 5000 calories, 300g Protein, 500g Carbs and 100g Fat a day. Started at 198 pounds and ended at 228 pounds. No gyno appeared.

Personal Stats:
5'9" Tall, current weight is 218, 34 years old, been lifting since I was 16, body fat is at 18.8% and BMI is at 32 as of this morning.

Any help and opinions is appreciated greatly!