Liquid Anastrozole (arimidex)

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    Liquid Anastrozole (arimidex)

    Based on your personal experience. Who has the best Liquid Anastrozole that youíve used?

    When I DO has it, I have been buying it from MA Research but I donít like how itís dosed at 1.5mg per ML, I would much rather just have it at 1mg per ML, just to make dosing easier. Yes I realize itís not hard but itís just what I would prefer.

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    Iíve used MA labs for most of my liquid items and a few from former sponsor. My first letrozole I ever used was liquid(I remember it tasted just like chemical/alcohol) just horrible but, 1.25mg and the next day my puffy, sensitivite nip was flat and gone, gone ! That day I swore to always have E-mergence items for any type of issue with e2, prolactin, gyno, allergies, etc. Seems the liquids work well. I do choose to use tablets mostly now but if I needed something in liquid form, I definitely will get it. That liquid MK677 sure surprised my ass, within an hour it kicked in !

    Some of the sponsors still have liquid compounds along with their tabs/caps.

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