Anamorelin | Just like MK-677, but slightly different

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    Anamorelin | Just like MK-677, but slightly different

    Anamorelin | Just like MK-677, but slightly different
    In web shops that sell experimental PIEDs such as SARMs, MK-677, SR-9009 and GW-1516, you may stumble upon anamorelin. Anamorelin is an emerging bodybuilding drug that, unlike most other substances sold by these outlets, is an experimental drug no longer. Not since April 2021.Anamorelin
    In the gray market segment that is somewhere in the no man's land between the supplement circuit and the steroid scene, companies sell preparations with new muscle-building agents such as ostarine, MK-677 and ligandrol. Also circulating in that segment are products containing anamorelin, which is also known as ONO-7643. You can see the structural formula of anamorelin above.

    Anamorelin works in the same way as MK-677. It mimics the action of the 'hunger hormone' ghrelin. It stimulates the ghrelin receptor, and in this way stimulates the release of growth hormone.

    One difference between the two, however, is that MK-677 is an experimental drug and will likely remain so. The investigation into MK-677 has been aborted. Anamorelin, on the other hand, is approved for medical use.
    At least in Japan. Anamorelin has been available there under the name Adlumiz since April 2021. The drug is intended for people who are losing muscle mass and strength as a result of advanced cancer.


    Japanese oncologists, affiliated with the Institute of Biomedical Research and Innovation, published a trial in Cancer in 2018. In this study, the researchers divided 174 people with advanced lung cancer into 2 groups.One group received a placebo for 12 weeks, the other took 2 pills daily, each containing 50 milligrams of anamorelin. The subjects therefore took 100 milligrams of anamorelin daily.
    Compared to the placebo group, administration of anamorelin led to an increase in lean body mass by just under one and a half kilos. Although the trial lasted 12 weeks, this increase completely occurred during the first 3 weeks of the study.

    You may see in the figure above why anamorelin loses its effect after 3 weeks. During the first 3 weeks of the trial, the concentration of both IGF-1 and IGF-BP3 in the blood was increased, after which it dropped. IGF-BP3 is a binding protein that protects IGF-1 from enzymatic degradation, but does not reduce the biological activity of IGF-1.Other study
    Of course you should always be a little careful with such statements. One study is not a study, is it? But also in another, and to some extent comparable, Japanese study, conducted among people with advanced colorectal, stomach or pancreatic cancer, administration of 100 milligrams of anamorelin stimulated lean body mass gain for only the first 3 weeks. [Cancer 2019;125:4294-302.]

    Cancer. 2018 Feb 1;124(3):606-16.

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    Great product! I used it. Worth the money.

    Anamorelin half life is up to 7hrs Anamorelin increased plasma levels of GH, IGF-1,and IGFBP-3 as well as body weight in a dose dependent manner without significant changes in the levels of other anterior pituitary hormones or glucose. Approved in Japan for cachexia in elderly and cancer patients too.


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