Recumid for Post Workout

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    Recumid for Post Workout

    Has anyone here used this?

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    Italian Company -
    They boldly stated themselves in 2020 as “Yamamoto Nutrition is confirmed as the brand of supplements for athletes with the highest revenue in Italy” ! (Only High Brow)

    They use all Nutraceutical type (, type ingredients$ which is good. Cluster Dextrin was their first product (owned -made by Glico Corp, Japan. They started sponsoring Flex Lewis and the Arnold Classic Europe, then kept adding top athletes Roelly , Brandon, Calderon(then every single IFBB Italy champ male/female in every category ). They were smart ! They use a social influencer Sales pitch to the athletes(beneficial for exposure but not $$$ . They keep adding high end ingredients like Progo a salmon hydrolysate (protein) owned by Hofseth Geoup Intl (Oslo, Norway stock) w deep pockets ; to their list of supplements (Only for Italy’s High- Revenue Buyer)

    This item is
    $45 for 10 servings - $135 a month.

    I use a similar product (a gainer) that has same Cluster Dextrin(hbcd carb) at 30g w 50g Whey isolate .

    I imagine it would be great on the stomach as it has super medical grade protein peptides/hbcd and would surely help with - energy /fast absorption, and would be great. I use that isolate /cluster gainer w Creapure, BetaTor, Yolked, 6.4g SrCarnosyn(Beta-Alanine sustained release).

    I would have ordered but they seem to be out of stock (even on UK Amazon). So no, I have not.

    Definitely will try em


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