Could it be multi factorial?

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    Could it be multi factorial?

    Been running a low dose 300-400mg eq not every week prob every 2 just an experiment with some provi n dbol training days sometimes not every week... Been doing that for about a few months now since about June so really hasnít been that many bottles
    So coincidentally last two to three weeks started I had symptoms of some kind of cold flu virus or sinus or both Because I had the bad coughing and common symptoms with both. It happened throughout the weeks different things off and on. One of the first things was my breathing felt like I canít take a good full of the fullest deep breath off and on sometimes I can but itís stuck with me since this whole episode, I woke up like the second week in the worst part of it went to train thought I had maybe just sinuses and I was like dead tired during this workout and then I went to work and I was so dizzy and nauseous I had to leave. Went and got tested for Covid it wasnít that, I am fully vaccinated , although itís not 100% so my other paranoid thought my blood is thick and thatís why itís causing the breathing but mind you like I said Iíve had other cold and flu symptoms and I still have some congestion lingering around do you think itís more likely the cold or flu I had the virus or the EQ causing affect blood I have no other thick blood symptoms I guess... Also I have a little bit of anxiety and Iím cutting back my caffeine I didnít realize I was starting to drink 500 mg worth of caffeine more regularly. For this low of a dose of EQ and infrequent I mean could it build up?

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    I wouldn't worry about EQ causing clots. But I would cut down the coffee drinking. You sound anxious as you write this. If cutting back coffee doesn't work, it's time to go to your PCP who will likely order a few blood test.

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    no blame steroids for this.
    a flu can happen.
    take a couple of asprine, take two to three days off from training, work, etc and rest.
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    Multi factorialÖ. Thatís a hell of a title

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