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Say hello to Rich Piana for me.

but seriously bud that looks like a hellish run. If you get through it I have a feeling you’re gonna say after it “never again” but hey, you’ll look like a fucking god. * Hell I kinda think 125-400 would even be a big jump on tren, I just flat out think 600 is a terrible idea. But I’ve never done it and you know how your body handled the 125 and if you’re confident in it then I guess give it a go. I just wouldn’t bank on the primo to negate all the effects of a higher dose.

And then there’s the fact that you’re done being a vegan. You’re already gonna get gains just from eating meat again. I can’t believe you’re an accomplished powerlifter AND vegan. I didn’t think there was such a thing.
The meat alone will make you feel like shit them add tren snd superdrol you’ll definitely feel lethargic all day .