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    Quote Originally Posted by NY_Angie View Post
    I loved watching NASCAR with my father. We even went to the Pocono 500 a couple of times - WOW its absolutely exhilarating in person.
    Yes Ma'am, When my dad wasn't drunk beating on me, we would watch Nascar and NFL. He hated baseball so I watched that with my friends. I have been to races but no Nascar race. Seen the truck series at Kentucky speedway, along with Indy stuff. It is sweet.... I was a fabricator/mechanic/Diag Tech in the autobiz for many years. I use to build custom headers/exahust and suspension/chassis. Also engines, and of course put it all together. I own a 1970 Maverick, 1967 Mercury cougar (sort of my mom has it dad lefty it to me, not sure I my mom will leave it to me family drama) 1988 bronco etc. None are stock ;-)

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    Pete Rose, and still is my favorite. Best ball player ever, and still waiting for someone to break his hit record at 4256.
    AJ Pierzynski, was the White Sox catcher and a bad boy. Would start trouble with just about everyone that came up to bat.
    Juan Pierre, was White Sox out fielder, and held the record for the most stolen bases one year. I got the opportunity to meet all of the above. Juan Piere is a super cool dude for sure. He looked really funny though in real life. His fucking legs were huge and enormous, they looked like tree trunks, and his upper body was normal. Guess that's why he's so damn fast.
    I have a few other idols from the mid to late 70's Cincinnati Reds. The Big Red Machine was totally unstoppable back then.

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