Jay Cutler Will Be Part Of International Sports Hall Of Fame Class of 2021

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    Jay Cutler Will Be Part Of International Sports Hall Of Fame Class of 2021

    Jay Cutler will receive the honor after his legendary career in bodybuilding.

    Jay Cutler put together a legendary career as a bodybuilder and he will be honored for his accomplishments. Cutler will be inducted into the International Sports Hall of Fame as part of the Class of 2021. Chairman Dr. Robert Goldman took to Facebook to announce the incoming class.

    The ceremony will take place on Oct. 9 during the 2021 Olympia in Orlando. In 2020, Goldman hosted the ceremony along with Arnold Schwarzenegger during the 2020 Arnold Sports Festival. The post by Goldman featured all information on the upcoming awards along with the other names that Cutler will join as part of the class.

    Cutler will join NFL Hall of Fame Marcus Allen, WWE’s Stephanie McMahon, seven-time World Karate Champion Billy Blanks, World Fencing Champion Peter Westbrook, and US National Tae Kwon Do Champion Ernie Reyes.

    Jay Cutler began training for competition when he was 18 years old. He earned his pro card in 1996 after winning the NPC National and this was the beginning of one of the best careers in the sport.

    Cutler immediately made an impact on stage. He earned three victories at the Arnold Classic in 2002, 2003, and 2004. This set up what would be years of dominance in the biggest competition of the year.

    Despite Cutler’s success in the Olympia, it was not easy to get to the top. He placed second in four times behind Ronnie Coleman, who still holds the record with eight victories. Cutler was able to get over the hump in 2006 when he defeated Coleman and won his first Olympia. He would then go back-to-back in 2007 before being topped in 2008 by Dexter Jackson.

    Cutler would get back on top in the very next competition and win his fourth in 2009. He returned to stage in 2011 and was defeated by seven-time champion Phil Heath. Cutler would retire following a sixth place finish in the 2013 Olympia.

    There is no doubt that Jay Cutler competed in one of the best eras of bodybuilding against some of the top competitors in the world. He has put together one of the best careers in the sport and will now be honored for the work he has put in.
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