Are you in a relationship that survived infidelity ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Augustine5I View Post
    This CAN work. I have seen it work... withdraw and have them chase you.

    But, I can say it works sometimes. Bc when you withdraw attention from something (like a relationship), it most often will whither and die.

    Btw, Roid does this a lot. Will drop a question like this and never once respond back.

    Seen him do this a bunch of times.

    I think itís called trolling.

    I like the guy, but canít take his threads seriously. At least as it applies to him.

    It does however get me Members going whilst stirring the pot.

    Heís been doing this since IML forums were relevant. He got attention there, not so much here.
    I donít think heís ever been funny. If itís trolling, why doesnít the admin formerly known as Prince call it bullshit? Ya know, kinda like every time I post.

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    Roids my guy. I remember him from years ago straight shooter
    Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.

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