Gym n tonic pheromone cologne

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    Gym n tonic pheromone cologne

    Thank you Wes and Gym N Tonic for sending these out, and extremely quick!
    If all their products come this fast then I need to switch supplement suppliers lol
    Thank you for the other samples. Excited to try the Alpha Mood again. Thatís one of my favorites.

    We have:
    Coach for Men

    Graphite smells familiar to something I had about 5yrs back. Itís still lasting from this morning.

    1 spray on the wrist rubbed into the opposite wrist and once on the neck area. Wes explained to me that itís best when sprayed onto pulsing points.

    Scent: 7/10 not my favorite but also not bad at all.

    Coach for Men I have never smelled this before. Itís strong but not overpowering. My wife thought I was trying to impress someone as we were headed out lol

    Scent: 9/10 my favorite of the two.

    So far no women attractedÖexcept my wife lol


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    Thank you for the honest review. Appreciated!

    Enjoy those items sir

    Im not allowed to wear Pheromone either LOL

    BTW if anyone is trying to log onto the site the simplest link is as follows

    Thank you again 9tmare

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