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I will say this, if the NFL came out and you had to stand and Pledge to Donald Trump and then you had to wear a MAGA sticker on your helmet.

I'd boycott that crap too.

As a former athlete, and as someone who def follows politics, Ill be the first to say I want NOTHING about politics intertwined into my sports. Nothing. NO side. I don't wanna see or hear any of it. Anyone else feel that way?

Likewise I think Arnold is an asshole. He's not only a sellout but he has done just that and tried to mix politics in the World of bodybuilding.

Theres enough politics in the sport of bodybuilding itself to kill a small army and EVERYONE already despises this. WTF was he thinking adding "screw your freedoms' remarks?

No, screw you Arnold
I wholly agree, sports was an outlet for many folks, something to take you away from the state of affairs, not link you in deeper. Arnold, he made himself out to be no different than The Rock or any other left leaning anti freedom puppet with a following ...