One of NapsGear's greatest assets is its Q&A section. Many of us were introduced (and educated by) to the world of AAS through online forums and social groups.

Having a place to discuss pharmaceuticals and ask questions is extremely valuable for newbies and experienced users. It can give new users an outlet to ask questions and build their knowledge base before they dive into their first cycle. Our experienced users can chime in and help these new users by sharing their years of feedback. Experienced users benefit too having a place to bounce ideas and socialize with other gear heads.

To incentivize our users to participate, there is a reward system built-in. Much like other online popular forums, there is an upvote/downvote feature. Those who offer the most helpful comments, result in higher upvotes, which later turns into store credit.

It's a win-win situation! You get an accepting community and an allowance for participating!

For more details check out the Live Q&A for yourself!